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Wow, yet another Disney's weekday afternoon cartoon series that I used to watch after school! Although not my favorite of the bunch at the time, I still enjoyed the show and caught many of the episodes. This series features Baloo Bear, as you probably know from Disney's The Jungle Book, though in this series Baloo is a airplane pilot! Who would of thunk it?! Baloo is a laid back, carefree bear who works for Rebecca Cunningham (she bought out his air cargo freight business), and they have both kind of adopted an orphan boy named Kit Cloudkicker. These three make up the main cast of the show, but there are many other colorful characters throughout.

Disney really does a great job at producing these cartoon series. The voice actors they get are not only expressive, but sound like their movie counterparts (whenever a character has a movie counterpart). The plots often provide good morals for kids to learn, but aren't so simple or outlandish that they would cause adults to require leaving the room for fear of destroying the television. In fact, watching them again as an adult, I still enjoyed them. The characters are lovable but flawed, it's serious when it needs to be but puts the funny in where ever it won't do any harm, and the art and music come almost always together excellently to provide the right sense of atmosphere.

This box set consists of three disc, each self contained in it's own slimline plastic DVD jewel case, and then the three jewel cases slide into box. I prefer this type of packaging rather than the foldout cases, as they're easier to access, don't take up unnecessary space, and feel more durable. Thankfully, this seems to be Disney's standard way of packaging the multi-disc DVD sets.

Disc 1

  • A Baloo Switcheroo
  • Whistlestop Jackson, Legend
  • Double or Nothing
  • Feminine Air
  • Last Horizons
  • Flight of the Snow Duck
  • Save the Tiger
  • The Old Man and the Sea Duck
  • War of the Weirds

Disc 2

  • Captains Outrageous
  • The Time Bandit
  • For Whome the Bell Klangs - Part One
  • For Whome the Bell Klangs - Part Two
  • Citizen Khan
  • Gruel and Unusual Punishment
  • A Jolly Molly Christmas
  • My Fair Baloo
  • Waiders of the Wost Tweasure

Disc 3

  • Flight School Confidential
  • Bringing Down Babyface
  • Jumping the Guns
  • In Search of Anceint Blunders
  • Louie's Last Stand
  • Sheepsking Deep
  • Pizza Pie in the Sky
  • Baloo Thunder
  • Bullethead Baloo

Official Press Release Description:

Some of the funniest and most exciting episodes from Disney’s long-running animated series come to DVD in TaleSpin: Volume 2, available on November 13, 2007 from Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment. The three-disc boxed set contains a cargo hold full of South Pacific adventures featuring Baloo, the beloved bumbling bear, in a collection that’s perfect for family viewing!

Baloo and a cast of unforgettable characters embark on more full-throttle escapades in Disney Talespin: Volume 2. Along with his feisty sidekick, navigator Kit Cloudkicker, Baloo pilots precious cargo in and out of the island nation of Cape Suzette while fending off familiar foes like the evil Colonel Spigot and the insatiable industrialist Shere Khan as well as a contingent of nefarious newcomers! The always resourceful Rebecca Cunningham is on hand to run the business end of Higher and Hire courier services, along with her adventurous daughter Molly and madcap mechanic Ace. Disney TaleSpin: Volume 2 includes plenty of high altitude hilarity as Baloo and Kit battle air pirates, ancient curses, mummies and their most hair-raising challenge ever - finishing high school!

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