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DVD Review: Titanic: 10th Anniversary Edition

The 10th Anniversary Edition of that mega-blockbuster staring Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet, and probably the most infamous ship in history is now available as a two-disc DVD set. Damn, has it been ten years already?! Where does the time go?! Well, I know many people believed this was the best movie of all time when it came out (mostly teen girls, I assume), and although I was not one of these people, I did really enjoy the film. So now, ten years later, the question arises: how does this film hold up? The simple answer is... pretty good.

Even when this film was first released, it was easy to recognize that it was a little slow getting to the action. Pretty much the entire first half of the 3+ hour movie was spent on the romance between the two leads, and as a teen boy, I was much more interested in the whole disaster/special effects part of it. That's not to say the first half was bad. In fact, as far as relationship building goes, it was actually pretty good. I didn't zone out or leave to get a snack or anything. And seeing Kate Winslet nude was awesome!

For those two of you that haven't actually seen the movie, the story in a nutshell is about a vagabond boy named Jack Dawson falls in love with a beautiful rich girl named Rose DeWitt Bukater, though she is engaged to the obnoxious-yet-rich jerk Caledon Hockley. It doesn't take Rose long to fall in love with Jack, but their love affair gets cut tragically short due to that whole ship-sinking thing. And it's this whole crashing into an iceberg and sinking into the cold, cold waters of the Atlantic ocean that grabs most guys attention.

The disaster portion of the movie, like the romance portion, was laid out and filmed very well. It was really easy to get drawn in to the lives of these characters and feel what they were experiencing. The special effects hold up fairly well, though nowadays it's pretty easy to tell which effects were done with models, which were done with CG, and which were done live. But really that doesn't take away from the enjoyment or excitement. When you do notice the effects, you're already so entrenched into the action that you don't care at all.

This two-disc 10th anniversary edition spreads the movie out over two discs, which makes it look much nicer than it would have if squished onto a single disc (where you could have easily noticed compression artifacting). And there are some nice extra features as well. James Cameron provides a full-length audio commentary, as does a bunch of the cast and crew, and we can't forget the historical commentary by a couple guys I've never heard of before. In addition to commentaries, there are also many behind-the-scene featurettes which can be watched as normal or by branching out while watching the movie, an alternate ending, and that uber-famous music video by Celine Dion. So all-in-all, this is a good release of a good movie.

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