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DVD Review: Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell

Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell is one of Cartoon Network's live-action shows and is about a guy named Gary who is an office worker demon in hell and how his life, or death, sucks. Gary constantly gets assignments from Satan but always bumbles them up due to either being lazy, irresponsible, and too goodhearted. The show is a bizarre type of workplace comedy where Gary's intern, Claude, is always showing him up, reading all the documentation and learning how to use the powers of hell.

I found the show to be mildly funny, but I love the idea and think they could build it into something great. I think they need to expand both the cast and the type of jokes, as Gary could really use some more workmates to play off of. A lot of the jokes are based on Gary not putting in any effort or Satan's torturing of both his demons and normal people in hell. I asked myself why does Gary want to advance his career is Satan is just going to torture everyone regardless of position. I think a sense of real purpose for the character would help a lot.

That's not to say there aren't laughs here. Some of the setups are great, such as Gary needing to convince an athlete to thank the Devil instead of God, Gary needing to haunt a condo so it won't be sold because it's Satan's sex condo and his mistress is Gary's ex-girlfriend whome he still loves, and Gary going to high school to get the drama class to put on a musical about Satan. Those setups were all great but I didn't laugh nearly as much as I expected, but the show is still just getting started with only 90 minutes worth of content so I feel it can still grow into something great.

This DVD contains 6 episodes which are each 15 minutes in length:

  1. Welcome to Hell
  2. Bone Garden
  3. Take Life by the Horns
  4. Schmickler83
  5. Devil in the details
  6. People in Hell Want Ice Water

There are also a bunch of special features:

  • Deleted Scenes
  • Promos
  • Commentaries
  • Behind the Scenes
  • Original Short
  • Screen Tests
Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell

The original short is like the inspiration for what would become the show, and that was really good. Probably my favorite extra, though I also liked the audio commentaries. Each episode has a full length audio commentary which was cool as I often enjoy listening to commentaries. The behind the scenes stuff was alright, I was entertained watching them but they weren't anything special, and the deleted scenes were also fine, just more bits from the show. All those special features really add value to the DVD because without them the DVD would seem really short. The special features alone clock in at over two hours.

Although I found the show only mildly funny, it did hold my interest while watching and I'm looking forward to see what they will do with season two.

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