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Anime Profile: Robotech

USA Info
Japanese Info
Robotech Choujiku Yousai Macross("Super Diminsional Fortress Macross") Robotech
· · ·
  Super Diminsional Fortress Macross
· · ·
  Choujiku Kidan Southern Cross("Super-Dimensional Cavalry Southern Cross")
· · ·
  Super-Dimensional Cavalry Southern Cross
· · ·
  Kikou Souseiki Mospeada("Genesis Climber Mospeada")
· · ·
  Genesis Climber Mospeada
85 TV episodes(3 seasons) 36 TV episodes, 1 movie(Macross); 23 TV episodes(Southern Cross); 25 TV episodes(Mospeada)
1985 1982–83(Macross); 1984(Southern Cross); 1983-84(Mospeada)
Harmony Gold Artland, Studio Nue, Tatsunoko, Big West, ARTMIC
Carl Macek Shoji Kawamori(Macross)
  Noburo Ishiguro(Macross), Yasuo Hasegawa(Southern Cross), Katsuhisa Yamada(Mospeada)
Mecha, Action, Drama Mecha, Action, Drama
-- listed below -- -- listed below --
-- listed below -- -- listed below --

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Anime Characters: Robotech

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Rico Roli Dosel
Admiral Hayes Takashi Hayase
Southern Cross
Southern Cross
Azonia Laplamis Lap Lamiz Bowie Grant Bowie Emerson
Ben Dixon Hayao Kakizaki Dana Sterling Jeanne Francaix
Commander Breetai Britai Kridanik Nova Satori Lana Isavia
Claudia Grant Claudia La Salle Anatole Leonard Claude Leon
Dana Sterling(infant) Komillia Jenius Angelo "Angie" Dante Andrzej Slawski
Roy Fokker Roy Focker Louie Nichols Louis Ducasse
Captain Gloval Bruno J. Global Marie Crystal Marie Angel
Lord Khyron Kamjin Kravshera Musica Musika
Kim Young Kim Kabirov Robotech Masters Zor
Lisa Hayes Misa Hayase Rolf Emerson Rolf Emerson
Max Sterling Maximilian Jenius Sean Phillips Charles de Touard
Lynn Minmei Linn Minmei Zor Prime Seifrietti Weisse
Miriya Sterling Milia Jenius
Riber Frurink Annie "Mint" LaBelle Mint Rubble
Rick Hunter Hikaru Ichijyo Corg Batra
Sammie Porter Shammy Milliome Jonathan Wolf --?--
Vanessa Leeds Vanessa Leeds Lancer Yellow Belmont
Braun Warera Nantes Lunk Jim Austin
Dolza Gorg Bodolzaa Marlene/Ariel Marlene
Exedore Formo Exedol Folmo Rand Rei
Grel Oigul Regis Refles
Jason Yoshio Rook Bartley Fuke Eroze
Konda Konda Scott Bernard Steik Bernard
Lynn Kyle Lynn Kaifun Sera Sorji

Anime Description: Robotech The Macross Saga

Note: Robotech is the combination of three (originally unrelated) anime shows (Macross, Southern Cross and Mospeada) into one story.

"In the year 1999, high above Macross Island in the South Pacific, a phenominal event ocurred in the skies which altered the course of human history."

This quote is used in practically every Robotech Homepage out there, and for good reason. This statement sets the scene for the entire Robotech saga. In 1999, during a global civil war, a spaceship exited a space fold and crash landed on Earth. This crash put things into perspective for everyone on Earth. The entire civil war was called off as humanity explored, investigated, and rebuilt "The Visitor" as the ship was called early on. "The Visitor" was rebuilt and renamed the Super Dimensional Fortress 1, or the SDF-1. The SDF-1 was to be mankind's first line of defense against any alien invasion. The leaders of Earth felt, rightly so, that whoever built the ship would come looking for it and they might not be peaceful.

Ten years later the SDF-1 has been rebuilt and as it prepares to launch, a number of alien ships exit out of a space fold. These ships belong to the Zentraedi, an alien race bent on retaking the SDF1. Through an automated defense onboard the SDF1, mankind fires the first shot and destroys part of the attacking Zentraedi fleet. Battle quickly ensues and soon mankind is fighting a desperate war that they have little chance of winning...

Anime Description: Robotech The Southern Cross Saga

The first Robotech war had ended fifteen years ago with the defeat of the Zentraedi, but a new threat is about to emerge.

Ten years have passed since the SDF-3 launched to Tirol and with it went the heros of the war. No one on Earth realized that the expeditionary mission was a failure, the Robotech Masters had long since left Tirol and are heading towards Earth. It is a slow journey without the necessary Protoculture required to make the space fold.

Earth has changed since the time before the war. Humans are tougher, stronger and willing to fight for what they believe in. Fifteen years after the 1st Robotech war, the first graduates out of the United Earth Forces Military Academy are pressed into service. It is on their graduation day when the Robotech Masters arrive.

The Robotech Masters quickly lay siege to Earth. The United Earth Force responds by opening fire on the Robotech Masters and the 2nd Robotech war begins. Once again humanity is thrown into a conflict in which they have little hope of winning...

Anime Description: Robotech The Mospeada Saga

Only a few short years have passed since the defeat of the Robotech Masters, but Earth is a different place. The Regiss has invaded the planet and has begun to harvest the Flowers of Life. Earth has been nearly beaten into submission with only a few bands of freedom fighters attempting to overthrow the Invid. Through several miscalculations, the REF arrives at Earth several years too late to stop the Invid. The first wave sent to dislodge the Invid meets with complete disaster as resistance is much fiercer than originally expected.

One of the only survivor is Lt. Scott Bernard, who ends up creating his own band of resistance fighters. He has resigned himself to carrying out Admiral Rick Hunter's last orders to his group, to find the Invid hive (code named Reflex Point) and destroy the Invid Regiss. Meanwhile, Rick Hunter prepares for the second and third waves to lauch to Earth, for with them are the newly created Shadow Fighters and Neutron S-Bombs which will defoliate Earth of the Flower of Life and render it uninhabitable.

This is the third and final saga of the Robotech television series, however there was a movie that was made afterward, which was comprised of two seperate anime series, Megazone 23 and Southern Cross, and about 10 minutes of newly created animation.

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