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Rozen Maiden (season 1)Rozen Maiden (season 1) (ローゼンパむデン)Rozen Maiden
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Rozen Maiden: Traumend (season 1)Rozen Maiden: Traumend (season 1)
24 TV episodes (2 seasons)
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2 OVA episodes
Oct 7, 2004–Jan 26, 2006
Geneon (original licensor), FUNimation (new licensor)PEACH-PIT
Banri Sendo
Shibuko Ebara
Action, Comedy, Drama, ParanormalAction, Comedy, Drama, Paranormal
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Jun SakuradaJun Sakurada
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Characters: Rozen Maiden

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Barasuishou Barasuishou Laplace no Ma βŠ• Laplace no Ma βŠ•
Hina-Ichigo Hina-Ichigo Matsu Shibasaki βŠ• Matsu Shibasaki βŠ•
Jun Sakurada Jun Sakurada Megu Kakizaki βŠ• Megu Kakizaki βŠ•
Shinku Shinku Mitsu Kusabue βŠ• Mitsu Kusabue βŠ•
Souseiseki Souseiseki Motoharu Shibasaki βŠ• Motoharu Shibasaki βŠ•
Suigintou Suigintou Nori Sakurada βŠ• Nori Sakurada βŠ•
Suiseiseki Suiseiseki Rozen βŠ• Rozen βŠ•
Enju βŠ• Enju βŠ• Shirosaki βŠ• Shirosaki βŠ•
Kanaria βŠ• Kanaria βŠ• Tomoe Kashiwaba βŠ• Tomoe Kashiwaba βŠ•
Kirakishou βŠ• Kirakishou βŠ•

Description: Rozen Maiden

Rozen Maiden is based off of a manga of the same name.

In this anime, a high school student named Jun Sakurada has a problem. He refuses to go to school because of the high pressure placed on him, and has a hobby of ordering things from the net and returning them back.

One day, he receives a letter that tells him he has won a prize, and asks him to 'Wind' or 'Unwind'. He sends back a positive answer, and receives a doll in return. He then winds it up, and the doll introduces itself. "My name is Shinku. From now on you will be my servant."

And that is where it begins.

Jun Sakurada becomes a "medium" for Shinku who has to collect Rosa Mysticas to end the Alice game. His life changes as his life is being influenced by her and the other dolls.

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