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Tsubame SanjoTsubame SanjoTsubame Sanjo (Rurouni Kenshin)
10 years10 years
Dark BrownDark Brown
Dark BrownDark Brown
A waitress at the Akabeko (use to be a slave)A waitress at the Akabeko (use to be a slave)
"Thank You Little Yahiko""Arigato gozaimasu Yahiko-Chan"
Michelle Ruff (credited as Georgette Rose)Yuri Shiratori
Rurouni KenshinRurouni Kenshin

Character Description: Tsubame Sanjo

Tsubame Sanjo is a shy polite young girl. Her parents were slaves for a man named Mikio Nagaoka and his gang. They passed away when she was young, and afterwards Mikio started making her steal money.

Tsubame meets Yahiko while he is trying to practice near the river. Tsubame fixes the strap on his sandle and then runs off. Later, at the Akabeko, Yahiko runs into her again. He thanks her for fixing his sandle. Before Yahiko goes back into the restuarant, he sees a gang of guys lead Tsubame off into a deserted area. Yahiko finds out that Tsubame is being used to find out information about the Akabeko, so the leader of the gang, Mikio Nagaoka, can rob the restuarant. Yahiko fights off the gang and tells Tsubame not to be so shy and get scared all the time.

Tsubame and Yahiko have a crush on each other, and in the 2nd OVA get married.

Character Description: Tsubame Sanjo

Years ago, Tsubame's family was ruled over by a high social class family that forced her father to do everything. After her father died, she was next in line to be abused and forced to do anything that her masters wanted her to do. Yahiko met her one day when he was trying to become a better swordsman, like Kenshin. Yahiko got hit in the head with a wooden board, and he broke the strap of his shoe. Tsubame found him in pain, and fixed up the shoe. Then she left. Yahiko then began to take a liking to Tsubame.

At the Akabeko, Kenshin noticed he was dreaming (about Tsubame). Tae came up and introduced her newest worker, Tsubame. Yahiko was stunned (and he spit rice in Sano's face with shock). Yahiko went outside with her and thanked her. As he left, he saw Tsubame being taken away by her masters. Yahiko tried to stop them, but ended up getting beaten. Yahiko then swore to fight them and rescue Tsubame from their grasp.

So, Yahiko found the group and took the key to the Akabeko (to steal the money), and ran. He was backed into the corner, and the men used the REAL swords (with blades). Kenshin showed up, and so did Sano, making threatening looks at the men. The men ran away, and Yahiko didn't know that Kenshin and Sano were there.

Eventually, Yahiko's sword gets cut in half, and he is about to be killed. As Tsubame's master, Miki, lunged toward Yahiko, he picked up part of the shield for the sword, and hit Miki with brute strength on the shoulder, knocking him out. Yahiko saved Tsubame!

It is said when Yahiko and Tsubame got into their teens, they'd got married, and had a child. Tsubame is the perfect girl for Yahiko.

Overall, Tsubame is very sweet and kind, and many people like her.

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