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Serena TsukinoUsagi Tsukino (γ†γ•γŽ ζœˆι‡Ž)Sailor Moon (Sailor Moon)
-- listed below ---- listed below --
Human (the reincarnation of a Lunarian)Human (the reincarnation of a Lunarian)
14 years old (ages throughout the series) (born June 30)14 years old (ages throughout the series) (born June 30)
4'11"150 cm (source: The Nakayoshi "Sailor Moon" fan book)
About 110 lbs. (based on height)About 49.9 kg (based on height)
Type O+Type O+
Student, Sailor ScoutStudent, Sailor Scout
"Moon prism power!""Moon eternal, make up!"
Terri Hawkes, Tracey Moore, Linda BallantyneKotono Mitsuishi
Sailor MoonBishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon

Last I checked, this character's cosplay outfit was available at Milanoo, Moon Costumes, and Xfancy.

Character Aliases: Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon Sailor Moon Super Sailor Moon --?--
Neo-queen Serenity Neo-queen Serenity --?-- Eternal Sailor Moon
Princess Serena --?-- Meatball Head Odango-Atama ("Dumpling Head")

Character Description: Sailor Moon

Clumsy, lackadaisical, prone to crying, a piggish eater, and lacking in academics...

A true friend, brave when it counts, strong, and absolutely determined to protect the people she loves...

It's amazing to think that both sets of traits apply to the same girl: a girl who bears one of the most unusual and identifiable hairstyles around. She is the title character of this story, the reincarnation of the legendary princess of the moon from the distant past of the Silver Millennium. Her Japanese name ("Usagi Tsukino" literally means "Rabbit of the Moon") and odangoed hairstyle (which makes her look a bit like a rabbit) allude to that fact: as both are based on the ancient Chinese legend that rabbits came from the moon.

Born into a typical Tokyo family (including a nagging little brother), perhaps Serena's most identifying trait at first was her ineptitude for school: frequent tardiness and bad grades. That all changed when she happened to rescue a poor black cat from the torment of some boys. That cat would come back...and talk to her, identifying her as Sailor Moon and giving her the magic brooch that would transform her into a champion against the forces of evil.

As time passes, Serena eventually gains new friends and allies in the other Sailor Soldiers. Despite her negative traits, her unique ability to make friends and her desire to protect them give her that special something that qualifies her as leader of the Sailor Soldiers: a qualification she repeatedly proves in clutch battle after clutch battle.

Eventually, she learns the truth about her past life: that she is Princess Serenity reborn. She also gains glimpses of her future: of creating a new era of tranquility in the distant future with her destined prince...and a precocious daughter. It just gives her all the more reason to fight against the dark forces.

Character Description: Sailor Moon

Serena is a klutzy teenage heroine who leads the fight against various forces of evil, along with her heroine friends, the Sailor Scouts. She is married to Darien in the future and has a daughter, Rini, who travels back to the past and becomes involved in the teen-aged Serena's affairs. She goes to Cross Roads Jr. High and saves the world on a regular basis. She also has a talking cat named Luna and a whole team of super powered teens.

She is the leader of the Sailor Senshi and being the leader she's the keeper of the Imperial Silver Crystal. She may be a ditsy klutz but she'll grow out of it someday and be Neo-Queen Serenity and Chibi-usa's mother. I guess 900 years is a long time to mature....

In the Japanese version her name is Usagi Tsukino. She is the reincarnation of the Moon Princess, Serenity, and has supernatural powers. Serenity lived in the Moon Kingdom during the Silver Millennium with her guardians Sailor Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus, who were princesses of their own respective planets but lived on the moon with her at times. She often explored Earth to see real greenery even though forbidden to. On one of her visits she met Prince Endymion and they fell in love. During the attack which caused the Moon Kingdom's downfall, Prince Endymion died protecting Serenity. In the manga, Serenity committed suicide out of grief, while in the anime Queen Metaria killed both of them.

Serena Tsukino

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