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Character Profile: Shaka

USA Info
Japanese Info
Shaka Shaka Shaka (Saint Seiya)
Human Human
Male Male
20 years old(born September 19th) 20 years old(born September 19th)
Blonde Blonde
Blue?(Usually Closed) Blue?(Usually Closed)
6'0" 182 cm
Type AB Type AB
Gold Saint of Virgo Gold Saint of Virgo
  Yuji Mitsuya
Saint Seiya Saint Seiya
· · ·
Knights of the Zodiac  

Character Description: Shaka

Shaka is one of the most powerful Knights (not saying the most powerful) and he is the nearest of the Knights to a God. Shaka hardly ever opens his eyes, and he has powerful powers. For example, he can send his opponents to one of the 7 hells and if he opens his eyes he can rob his enemy of the 5 senses.

Shaka was the sixth Gold Saint in fighting with the Bronze Saints conquering Seiya, Shiryu, and Shun easily. But later Ikki the Phoenix would arrive, and he would make a fight in which Ikki would be a correspondent to one of the hells. Shaka could open his eyes and remove Ikki senses (sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch), but Ikki would be able to defeat him due to Ikki's sixth sense (the intuition).

Shaka would not return to until the end of the Saga of the Sanctuary, understanding that the Bronze Saints were the good ones and it would "revive" Ikki.

Shaka would have some small appearances in the sagas of Aasgard and Poseidon but it would return in the Saga of Hades, fighting against Saga Shura and Camus that had been revived by Hades.

Editor's Note:

This description was originally very messy, and was obviously written by either someone who didn't speak English natively or by someone who didn't speak it at all (and thus probably used some translation program). I've tried to piece it together and reconstruct it best I could, but there may be some mistakes. If you have corrections, please contact me.

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