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JinJin (仁)Jin (Samurai Champloo)
20 years old20 years old
About 5'10" - 5'11" (with shoes) (source: July 2004 Newtype magazine, Vol.3, No.7)About 178 cm - 180 cm (with shoes) (source: July 2004 Newtype magazine, Vol.3, No.7)
123 lbs (source: Newtype magazine)55.8 kg (source: Newtype magazine)
Ronin (masterless samurai)Ronin (masterless samurai)
"I swear--you are the most undisciplined fighter I've ever known...and the only one I wasn't able to kill." (to Mugen) (play clip)(play clip)
Kirk ThorntonGinpei Sato
Samurai ChamplooSamurai Champloo

Character Description: Jin

It's written all over him. From his lean, clean look to the glasses on his face to his flowing blue robes to his daisho (his matched set of katana and wakizashi). This classically-trained samurai from an aristocratic background just emits an aura of tradition. He is calm and level-headed, keeping his cool at all times, and he is a strict follower of bushido, the code of the samurai (his very name means "compassion", which is one of the principles of bushido). This is a man who earns respect and gives it in turn.

So why's this high-born high-class man now a ronin on the run? It's because he committed the ultimate master-student taboo. Jin killed the very man who taught him how to wield a sword. However, at least in Jin's eyes, what he did was justified. It must've been one hell of a reason for a man like Jin to commit such a taboo, but he will not elaborate on the exact reason or circumstances.

The truth is that Jin's master had been sent to kill him, and that Jin killed the attacker before realizing who it was. Still, because of his act, Jin's constantly watching his back for other students of the late master. The late master was legendary, reputed to have fought in a thousand duels and won all of them, and now Jin's life is wanted as vengeance. Unluckily for those who seek that vengeance, Jin was an extremely apt pupil, and he's survived so far.

Jin (Samurai Champloo) In a very real sense, Jin is lightning in a bottle. Most of the time, Jin looks at the world as narrowly as he keeps his eyes (which he normally keeps very narrow indeed). He normally speaks flatly (if at all) and adheres almost sickeningly to traditions (respecting his elders, etc.). But when his hands go to his swords, the bottle comes uncorked, and when Jin strikes, it's always with a purpose--to kill his enemy. His fighting mentality is simple--"one stroke, one kill". His moves are all about blinding speed, utter precision, and unmatched efficiency.

Jin and Mugen are diametric men in more ways than can easily be expressed: aristocrat vs. street rat, traditional vs. radical, water vs. fire, order vs. chaos...the list goes on. Until they were practically forced together by Fuu, the only way these two expressed themselves to each other was through their swords--and they've yet to settle that argument.

Being forced upon this wild journey forces Jin to contemplate himself and his adherence to tradition. It is really worth it to keep holding onto what are perhaps the only remaining possessions in his world: his swords, his code, and his honor? It's a question only Jin himself can answer.

Note: Just as with Mugen, you can look to alternate Kanji to get perhaps other ideas on Jin's mentality and potential. One of them means "fast", another "blade", both of which apply here.

Character Description: Jin

Jin is ice-cold and calculating, the exact opposite of Mugen, whom he finds rude and boorish. He is a traditional samurai, but still an amazing fighter. In a way, he has two personalities, one that is quiet and more passive, but once he draws his sword, he's as dangerous as hell.

Little is known about him, except that he is from a samurai family and follows up with that. He is most likely the most mature of the trio, always keeping his cool no matter what the situation. Jin is very enigmatic, and hard to get to.

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