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Japanese Info
Samurai Deeper KyoSamurai Deeper Kyo (ァムラむ ディーパー キョウ)Samurai Deeper Kyo
26 TV episodes26 TV episodes
Media Blasters
Akimine Kamijyo
Action, Eastern FantasyAction, Eastern Fantasy
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KyoOnime no Kyo
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Characters: Samurai Deeper Kyo

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Benitora Benitora Akira βŠ• Akira βŠ•
Kyo Onime no Kyo Hotaru βŠ• Hotaru βŠ•
Magalia Magera Kyoshiro Mibu βŠ• Kyoshiro Mibu βŠ•
Mahiro Mahiro Lord Nobunaga βŠ• Oda Nobunaga βŠ•
Sarutobi Sasuke Sarutobi Sasuke Miss Yuya βŠ• Yuya Shiina βŠ•
Yukimura Sanada Yukimura Sanada Saizo βŠ• Saizo βŠ•

Description: Samurai Deeper Kyo

Four years ago at the battle of Sekigahara, a legend was born. That legend was Demon Eyes Kyo , the thousand man slayer. During his fight with the great samurai Kyoshiro, a shooting star slammed into the battleground and the two were never seen again....

Kyoshiro Mibu is a medicine peddeler on his way to Edo. Yuya Shina, a beautiful bounty huntress, mistakes him for a samurai called Demon Eyes Kyo. Kyo is infamous because of his blood red eyes and he's the killer of 1,000 men. But Yuya soon finds out that Kyoshiro is acutually Demon Eyes Kyo but in a strange sort of way.

Kyo is stuck inside Kyoshiro's body because of some event, but both are master swordsmen. Yuya also has some of her own problems, like finding her brother's murder. The only clue she has is the scar on his back (unbeknownst to her, this person is Kyoshiro/Kyo). They meet some interesting characters and fight some amazing battles. Follow Kyo and Yuya to find out if they ever accomplish their goals.

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