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Character Profile: Speedy Cerviche

USA Info
Japanese Info
Speedy Cerviche Yattaro("I will defeat you!") Speedy Cerviche (Samurai Pizza Cats)
Mechanical Humanoid Cat Mechanical Humanoid Cat
Male Male
Shades of brown fur Shades of brown fur
Green Green
4'4" 132 cm
88 lbs. 39.9 kg
Crime fighter Crime fighter
"Samurai Tsunami!"(during Cat's Eye Slash sequence)  
Rick Jones Yamaguchi Kappei
Samurai Pizza Cats Kyatto Ninden Teyande

Character Description: Speedy Cerviche

Speedy Cerviche (Samurai Pizza Cats)Speedy Cerviche is the leader of the Samurai Pizza Cats. The name Cerviche is pronounced Sir-vee-chay.

Speedy likes to fight, hence the name Yattaro, which means I'll fight you. He and Guido are often late for work, which usually results with a frying pan against their heads. He's sort of a slacker to, often daydreaming like Guido.

Speedy is the master of the Magical Ginzu sword. He performs his Cat's Eye Slash special move only when he's mad.

Character Description: Speedy Cerviche

Normally, Speedy is the main delivery guy for the Pizza Cats pizza parlor, delivering pizza samurai-quick (especially if it's to Lucille), constanlty avoiding the scorn of his lady coworkers and fighting with Guido for Lucille's favor. But when the Big Cheese hatches another wild scheme or when archenemy Bad Bird starts raising a ruckus, he becomes the leader of the Samurai Pizza Cats. Launched by Francine from the giant revolver atop the parlor, he and the other Pizza Cats speed to the scene, ready for almost anything (and that's just about what he gets).

Speedy is a cat who will try almost anything to avoid trouble, perhaps because Polly constantly pressures him to do his jobs (BOTH of them). His special weapon is the Service Ginsu Samurai Sword, in which the scabbard conceals a second blade. While the narrator goes through a rather tiresome talk about what's about to happen, he surges energy through both blades in his trademark finishing move (which seems to change its name every episode or so). Afterwards comes the photo opportunity. Smile for the camera!

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