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Anime Profile: Scrapped Princess

USA Info
Japanese Info
Scrapped Princess Scrapped Princess(スクラップド・プリンセス) Scrapped Princess
· · ·
  Sukurappudo Purinsesu(romanization)
  24 TV episodes
August 6 2003
Bandai Ent., Bang Zoom! Ent. BONES
  Sasaki Ichiro
  Masui Soichi
Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy
Pacifica Casull Pacifica Casull
· · ·
Christopher Armalite Christopher Amaraito
· · ·
Leopold Scorpse Leopold Scorpse
· · ·
Raquel Casull Raquel Casull
· · ·
Shannon Casull Shannon Casull
· · ·
Winia Chesta Uinia Chesta

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Anime Description: Scrapped Princess

Fifteen years ago, a prophecy had stated that a girl would be born to a queen who would destroy the world on her 16th birthday. Twins was born not long after that; a boy and a girl. A soldier was given order to kill the girl. But accidentally, the girl stayed alive, while everyone thought that she was dead.

We find that girl 15 years later, who is traveling with her 'brother' and 'sister'. Her name is Pacifica Casull, and she knows about her unforgiven future. But Shannon and Raquel, her only 'relatives', believe in Pacifica, and travel with her to protect her. Many people wish to see her dead, how innocent she might look.

Meanwhile, her twin brother Forsis is king at castle Zauel, and is unaware that she is still alive. Although he's King, he doesn't have much power over his army, and he doesn't know that they set up plans to kill his beloved sister. Luckily for Pacifica, Raquel (a magician) and Shannon (an excellent swordsman) protect her, but her 16th birthday is coming soon....

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