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Japanese Info
SD Gundam Force (Superior Defender Gundam Force)SD Gundam Force (Superior Defender Gundam Force)SD Gundam Force
52 TV episodes
Bandai Ent.Bandai Ent./Sunrise/Sotsu Agency
Shigeru Horiguchi
Yuichi Abe
Action, Sci-Fi, Mecha, ComedyAction, Sci-Fi, Mecha, Comedy
Mobile Suit SD GundamMobile Suit SD Gundam
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Characters: SD Gundam Force

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Ashuramaru Ashuramaru Gundamusai βŠ• Gundamusai βŠ•
Bakunetsumaru Bakunetsumaru Gundivers βŠ• Gundivers βŠ•
Captain Gundam Captain Gundam GunEagle βŠ• GunEagle βŠ•
Chief Haro Chief Haro Gunpanzer βŠ• Gunpanzer βŠ•
Deathscythe Deathscythe Hogaremaru βŠ• Hogaremaru βŠ•
Fenn Fenn Juli βŠ• Juli βŠ•
Grappler Gouf Grappler Gouf Kao Lyn βŠ• Kao Lyn βŠ•
Mayor Margaret Gathermoon Mayor Margaret Gathermoon Keiko βŠ• Keiko βŠ•
Shute Shute Kibaomaru βŠ• Kibaomaru βŠ•
Tallgeese Tallgeese Kijumaru βŠ• Kijumaru βŠ•
Zapper Zaku Zapper Zaku Kinkaku βŠ• Kinkaku βŠ•
Zero Zero Leonardo βŠ• Leonardo βŠ•
Battle βŠ• Battle βŠ• Lilijimarna Miya Do Lacroa βŠ• Lilijimarna Miya Do Lacroa βŠ•
Bell Wood βŠ• Bell Wood βŠ• Mark βŠ• Mark βŠ•
Bokunetsumaru βŠ• Bokunetsumaru βŠ• Mercurious βŠ• Mercurious βŠ•
Britainmaru βŠ• Britainmaru βŠ• Moukinmaru βŠ• Moukinmaru βŠ•
Cobramaru βŠ• Cobramaru βŠ• Nana βŠ• Nana βŠ•
Commander Sazabi βŠ• Commander Sazabi βŠ• Nataku βŠ• Nataku βŠ•
DaiShogun Perfect Virtue βŠ• Kanzenzen Daishogun βŠ• Operator βŠ• Operator βŠ•
Deed βŠ• Deed βŠ• Patrol Ball βŠ• Patrol Ball βŠ•
Destroyer Dom βŠ• Destroyer Dom βŠ• Patrol GM βŠ• Patrol GM βŠ•
Elmechu βŠ• Elmechu βŠ• Raimi βŠ• Raimi βŠ•
Entengo βŠ• Entengo βŠ• Rock βŠ• Rock βŠ•
Epyon βŠ• Epyon βŠ• Sayla βŠ• Sayla βŠ•
Genkimaru βŠ• Genkimaru βŠ• Vayate βŠ• Vayate βŠ•
Gerbera βŠ• Gerbera βŠ• Zakrello gate βŠ• Zakrello gate βŠ•
Gunbike βŠ• Gunbike βŠ• Zaku Red βŠ• Zaku Red βŠ•

Description: SD Gundam Force

Picture if you will a peaceful planet named Neotopia. The place has just come under attack from a force of evil machines called the Dark Axis. Bit by bit, they're starting to really petrify the place and fry some friendly circuits. And guess what are the only things standing in their way? A team of human-sized robots with a big punch: the SD (Superior Defender) Gundam Force.

SD. The term has another context in the world of anime: "Super Deformed", a style of anime and manga in which heads get bigger and bodies get smaller. An SD version of anything is typically the realm of parody...and Gundam is no exception. The idea of a Super Deformed Gundam misadventure was originally cooked up in 1988 and ran for about 5 years with great comedic success, spanning 10 OVA episodes and 2 movies.

SD Gundam Force (the SD taking on a double meaning with "Superior Defender") is the latest twist on the idea of Super Deformed Gundam, featuring cel-chaded computer animation and truly diminutive Gundam robots. When your mechanical friends and enemies suddenly appear a mere 5 feet tall (in contrast to the typical 50-foot giant), you can only conclude one thing: this is the concept of "Gundam" taken for the craziest ride ever seen.

Here's another first. This Gundam series has broken a trend in anime in that the United States is seeing this series first (September 2003). Japan's TV Tokyo isn't due to air this series until the beginning of 2004.

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