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Anime Profile: Serial Experiments Lain

USA Info
Japanese Info
Serial Experiments Lain Serial Experiments Lain(シリアルエクスペリメンツレイン) Serial Experiments Lain
13 TV episodes 13 TV episodes
1999 July 7, 1998–Sept 28, 1998
FUNimation(as of July 2, 2010), Pioneer Ent., Animaze Inc. Triangle Staff/AIC/GENCO/Bandai Channel/TV Tokyo
  Yoshitoshi Abe
  Ryotaro Nakamura
Sci-Fi, Paranormal, Drama, Mystery, Psychological Sci-Fi, Paranormal, Drama, Mystery, Psychological
Alice Mizuki Alice Mizuki
· · ·
Lain Iwakura Lain Iwakura
· · ·
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Anime Characters: Serial Experiments Lain

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Alice Mizuki Alice Mizuki Mika Iwakura Mika Iwakura
Lain Iwakura Lain Iwakura Reika Yamamto Reika Yamamto
Jaro Jaro Yasuo Iwakura Yasuo Iwakura
Juri Kato Juri Kato    

Anime Description: Serial Experiments Lain

After a suicide committied by Chisa Yomoda, strange e-mails have been received by people suggesting that they came from her. Lain Iwakura, age 13, gets this strange e-mail, then soon is drawn close into the world of the Wired (also known as the internet). Soon her Navi is upgraded, and strange things start happening to her. She soon discovers there is another her, in the wired, and she goes about trying to find out who she is.

Anime Description: Serial Experiments Lain

In a world where technology is growing more and more advanced, Lain Iwakura was a girl with no experience. However, all of this changes when one of Lain's classmates mysteriously commits suicide. Lain decides to get her own computer and link to the Wired (the advanced internet of the Lain universe). Things get even stranger when her classmate e-mails Lain... after she dies.

From then on, Lain sinks deeper and deeper into the Wired and Lain transforms into something other than herself. She becomes a celebrity of the Wired, and even grows new and shocking personas. But what is the Wired, and how is it influencing everything in reality? The mysteries and questions grow even more complex, even to the point where Lain might not even know who she is.

Audio Files: Serial Experiments Lain

  • Luvet - Opening theme by Bôa (3.13 MB)

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