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Anna KyoyamaAnna Kyouyama (γ‚’γƒ³γƒŠ 恐山)Anna Kyoyama (Shaman King)
13 years old13 years old
Spirit Medium, Yoh's fianceItako (type of shaman), Yoh's fiance
"We will have to add more to your training schedule!"
Tara JayneMegumi Hayashibara (めぐみ ζž—εŽŸ)
Shaman KingShaman King

Character Description: Anna Kyoyama

Anna is a powerful shaman. However, unlike Yoh, she doesn't get possessed by spirits. She is an Itako, a special kind of Shaman who can call spirits from heaven and banish spirits to hell.

Anna saved Yoh from mega spirit trouble when they were younger. She told him that she wanted him and nothing else, so he said oaky, she saved him, and is now his fiancee.

Now Anna is Yoh's trainer for the Shaman Fights. She can be so evil to him, but little by little, she shows that she truly loves him.

Editor's Note: I've been told by someone that they read in an article that Anna's most probable birthdate is July 22, 1985. If you have any additional info about this article, please contact me.

Character Description: Anna Kyoyama

Anna is Yoh's fiance, and boy is she strict! When we first meet Anna in the manga she appears at the hospital where Yoh is at after his fight with Ren. She tells Yoh that he will be put under her training program and that the Shaman Fight is coming to Tokyo.

After a few weeks it's back to school, and Yoh looks terrible! Manta asks Yoh what happened over the break and he tells Manta that the break was like boot camp in Hell. Just then Anna appears, for she is now going to their school. After that, we come to Yoh and Anna's house (which is haunted, by the way). This is when the Tokagero incident happens and we see the caring side of Anna when Yoh gets possessed by Tokagero. Then when that's over the comet for the Shaman Fight appears. We shall know more of Anna soon...

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