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Shugo CharaShugo Chara (しゅごキャラ!)Shugo Chara
19+ episodes19+ episodes
Kenji Yasuda
Paranormal, RomanceParanormal, Romance
Amu HinamoriAmu Hinamori
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Ikuto TsukiyomiIkuto Tsukiyomi
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Kairi SanjoKairi Sanjo
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Description: Shugo Chara

Shugo Chara is a shojo manga and anime. In other words, it is in the Magical Girl series. Shugo Chara is about a kid named Amu Hinamori who is a popular girl in Saiyo Elementary. Amu actually has many characters but is afraid of changing because if she does, she's afraid that her school will shun her. So one day after dinner, she wishes that she could be re-born as her would-be self. Then the next day she finds 3 eggs in her bed.

That day, right before she enters her school, Tadase Hotori stops her because he saw the 3 eggs she has. Tadase is part of the Guardians, a special Students Council for the students. Amu tells him to stop acting like they're buddies and calls him 'Shortie'. Later that day, the Guardians have a meeting about the uniform policy and things like that. Something happens in which one of Amu's eggs makes Amu say that she likes Tadase. She is rejected and she runs away.

Then, she falls in a hole in where Ran, her Guardian Chara, appears. Ran makes Amu fly by saying 'Hop, Step, Jump!'. So Amu flies up on top of a railing, and at the same time Ikuto Tsukiyomi appears. He is looking for something called the 'Embryo' and he thinks that perhaps, by chance, that Amu has it, so he takes her other 2 eggs. Amu tries to get them back, in which she succeeds, but falls from the railing. Ran tells her to believe that she can save herself and Amu is able to transform into Amulet Heart with the Humpty Lock that Ikuto's chara had and is then able to fly.

Unfortunately, since she is afraid of heights, she transforms back into Amu and falls from the sky. However, Tadase saves her and tells Ikuto that it's cheating to take unborn eggs and that taking the Humpty Lock is something that should never be done. Yoru, Ikuto's chara, tells him it's his fault for just leaving it there and then Ikuto and Yoru leave. Nadeshiko Fujisaki comes up to tell Tadase that he's needed and both leave. Amu is left with Ran and they both leave towards Amu's home.

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