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Character Profile: Rima Mashiro

USA Info
Japanese Info
Rima Mashiro Rima Mashiro Rima Mashiro (Shugo Chara)
Clown Drop Clown Drop
Human Human
Female Female
12-13 years(at debut) 12-13 years(at debut)
Blonde Blonde
Amber Amber
Queen Chair Queen Chair
"I can't smile if there's nothing funny." "I can't smile if there's nothing funny."
  Sayuri Yahagi
Episode 27 Episode 27
Shugo Chara Shugo Chara

Character Description: Rima Mashiro

Rima Mashiro replaces Nadeshiko as Queen's Chair at the beginning of the second season. She's very petite and has a passive personality. She is admired by many boys and disliked by the girls. She secretly loves gag comedy and hates it when people do Bala-Balance (balance-balance) wrong. She loves reading Great Gag manga King comics.

Because of a kidnapping incident, Rima's parents pick her up from school, but it interferes with their work schedules and they end up fighting about who puts Rima above work. This usually leaves Rima lonely with only her would-be clown Guardian Character Kusu Kusu for company. Kusu Kusu was born from her desire to make everyone laugh.

When boys in Amu and Rima's class incorrectly do the Bala-Balance, Rima accidentally Chara Changes and does a perfect Bala-Balance making everyone turn to stone with shock. Out of embarrassment, Rima runs out of the room. Amu follows her. She tells a sobbing Rima about the time Ran made her profess her love to Tadase in front of the whole school. The two have a heart-to-heart and become friends.

During Character Transformation she becomes Clown Drop. Her two attacks are Juggling Party and Tightrope Dancer. In the beginning she refuses to let Amu purify X Eggs and ends up breaking two. But after seeing Amu do Open Heart at the Seiyo Academy sports festival she lets Amu purify the X Eggs and Charas.

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