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Silent MöbiusSilent Möbius (サイレントメビウス)Silent Möbius
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Silent Mobius (alternate spelling)Silent Mobius (alternate spelling)
1994 (1st movie), 2002 (TV)1992–93 (movies), 1998 (TV)
Streamline (1st Movie), Bandai/The Ocean Group (TV)Studio Tron/Bandai Visual/Sotsu Agency/TV Tokyo
Haruki Kadokawa (Movies)
· · ·
Mokiko Iwata, Shinjiro Yokoyama, Toru Shimose (TV)
Kia Asamiya
Kazuo Tomizawa (Movies)
· · ·
Hideki Tonokatsu (TV)
Sci-Fi, Paranormal, Action, DramaSci-Fi, Paranormal, Action, Drama
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Characters: Silent Möbius

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Katsumi Liqueur Katsumi Liqueur Gigelf Liquer --?--
Nami Yamigumo Nami Yamigumo Grospolina --?--
Rally Cheyenne Rally Cheyenne Robert Device --?--
Fuyuka Liquer --?--

Description: Silent Möbius

Towards the turn of the 21st century, a gateway to a magic dimension called Nemesis is opened by a dark spirit called Lucifer Hawk. In 2006, an attempt was made to close the gateway (Project Gaia), but it wasn't fully successful.

Twenty years later, Lucifer Hawk is attempting to undo the progress made by Project Gaia, but there is now a special police force dedicated to stopping supernatural forces: the Attacked Mystification Police (AMP). But when the AMP crosses paths with Katsumi Liqueur, a young woman visiting Japan from Hawaii, the gears begin turning to a final conflict with the forces of Nemesis.

The two Silent Möbius movies follow Katsumi's early encounters with Lucifer Hawk and the AMP. The TV series continues the story, with Katsumi now enrolled in the AMP, and gives more insight into the story of this future Tokyo and the lives of the members of the AMP.

Silent Möbius is based on the manga by Kia Asamiya, who is probably better known for Martian Successor Nadesico.

Audio Files: Silent Möbius

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