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Sky BlueWonderful DaysSky Blue
1 movie1 movie
Dec. 31, 2004 (limited release)2003
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Feb. 18, 2005 (general release)
Moon-saeng Kim, Park Sunmin
Sci-Fi, ActionSci-Fi, Action
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Cade βŠ•
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Characters: Sky Blue

English Name
Korean Name
English Name
Korean Name
Cade βŠ• --?-- Karen βŠ• --?--
Commander Locke βŠ• --?-- Moe βŠ• --?--
Dr. Noah βŠ• --?-- Shua βŠ• --?--
Goliath βŠ• --?-- The Governor βŠ• --?--
Jay βŠ• --?-- Woody βŠ• --?--

Description: Sky Blue

Sky Blue takes place in the future, where the sky has been constantly covered with blanket of billowy clouds for a hundred years, and being able to catch a glimpse of the sun's rays only happens about as often as a blue moon. The atmosphere is toxic, covering the whole planet save for one specially built living-city called Ecoban. It was designed by those who saw the coming of the disaster which turned the Earth into this wasteland.

After the catastrophe, many came to Ecoban seeking it's safety. But they were all denied entry, forced to live outside the city and mine carbon compounds for Ecoban's Delos System, which transforms it into useable energy. Thus, these "diggers", as they're called, are imperative to the survival of Ecoban. Too bad they haven't been meeting their quotas.

Enter Shua, a young man that as a child lived inside Ecoban, but though an unfortunate circumstance ended up on the outside... permanently. At least until today, that is. Because today Shua is breaking back into Ecoban, although not because he wants to reside there once again, but because he needs to steal some information that could release all of the city's energy and thus put every human on an even playing field.

Once inside, he accomplishes his task, but is discovered he can make his escape. He struggles to evade all the troopers sent in pursuit, and almost manages it, were it not for Jay, one lone female trooper... who happens to be his child friend from when he lived within the city. She thought he was dead. Everyone thought he was dead. And now... Shua escapes and leaves Jay to start thinking. Question is, what is she going to do now? Quite an opening sequence!

Note: This animated feature is actually a Korean production, not a Japanese production. However, I still think it falls into the anime category.

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