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Anime Profile: Solty Rei

USA Info
Japanese Info
Solty Rei Solty Rei(ソルティレイ) Solty Rei
24 TV Episodes 24 TV Episodes
January 23, 2007 October 6, 2005–March 30, 2006
FUNimation GONZO/AIC/TV Asahi
  Yoshimasa Hiraike
Action, Drama, Mecha Action, Drama, Mecha
Accela Warrick Accela Warrick
· · ·
Andy Anderson Andy Anderson
· · ·
Ashley Lynx Ashley Lynx
· · ·
Celica Yayoi Celica Yayoi
· · ·
Integra Martel Integra Martel
· · ·
Kasha Maverick Kasha Maverick
· · ·
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Anime Characters: Solty Rei

Anime Description: Solty Rei

Solty Rei takes place in a futuristic society, set in a broken city, still recovering from an event called the Blast Fall- a mysterious occurrence that killed thousands, and left even more missing. Some who survived were mangled in the incident and have been rebuilt using resemble technology, high-tech robotic prosthesis.

Roy Revant is a bounty hunter in this wounded city, living on the edge of self destruction as he fights to find his daughter who disappeared in the Blast Fall. A run of bad luck finds him caring for a mysterious young girl who doesn't know who or what she is- only that she's capable of doing amazing things no human or resemble should be able to do. She adopts the name Solty, and winds up entangling Roy in a complex plot of violence and conspiracy.

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