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Character Profile: Rose Anderson

USA Info
Japanese Info
Rose Anderson Rose Anderson Rose Anderson (Solty Rei)
Rita Revant Rita Revant
· · ·
The Blue Comet  
Human Human
Female Female
18-22 years old 18-22 years old
Blonde Blonde
Blue Blue
5'1" 155 cm
Thief Thief
Colleen Clinkenbeard Masumi Asano
Episode 3 Episode 3
Solty Rei Solty Rei

Character Description: Rose Anderson

Rose is a very self-centered outlaw who, together with her mates, creates havoc in the entire city from the underground to the outlying districts. But beneath her violent behavior, she is an honest person from the inside and when she wants to calm herself, Rose hums a song which was called "Return to Love".

Rose Anderson calls herself "The Blue Comet". She rides in a motorcycle and she is armed with a laser-based hand pistol. In the later series, it was revealed that she was Rita Revant, who was the long lost daughter of Roy during Blast Fall. She was adopted by the Anderson family and but she has no memory of whom she was.

Character Description: Rose Anderson

Rose is an egotistical, loud mouth thief working with her two older brothers Larry Anderson and Andy Anderson. Though she may be a cocky, criminal, its all for the good of the underprivileged since all the spoils are donated to the unregistered citizen whom live in poverty in and old underground city. She and her brothers are also unregistered. It is Rose's dream to build a world where both registered and unregistered citizen can live as equals.

It is later revealed that she is actually Roy's daughter Rita Revant. Her hair and eye colour had changed due to exposure to nanomachines from the Blast Fall. Having been adopted by Larry and Andy's father with no memory of who she was, she initially resisted the idea that she was Roy's daughter until later.

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