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Sonic XSonic X (ソニックX)Sonic X
78 TV episodes (3 seasons)78 TV episodes (3 seasons)
Aug 23, 2003–May 6, 2006 (Seasons 1–3)April 6, 2003–March 28, 2004 (Seasons 1–2)
4Kids EntertainmentTMS Ent., Sonic Team, TV Tokyo, KIDS STATION
Yuji Naka, SONIC Project, SEGA (Based on the video game series)
Hajime Kamigaki
Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, ComedyAction, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Comedy
Sonic the Hedgehog (Sonic SatAM)Sonic the Hedgehog (Sonic SatAM)
· · ·
Sonic the Hedgehog (anime)Sonic the Hedgehog (anime)
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Sonic Underground
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Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog
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Description: Sonic X

Season 1 (Episodes 1-26) (New World/Chaos Emerald Sagas)

Based on the popular Sonic the Hedgehog video game series, Sonic X starts on a night mission to rescue Cream and Cheese from the clutches of Dr. Eggman. However, Sonic and his friends are accidentally transported to another dimension by a malfunction in Eggman's machine and the power of the mysterious Chaos Emeralds.

Sonic finds himself in the city of Station Square and befriends a human boy named Chris Thorndyke. Sonic and company undertake a quest to search for the Seven Chaos Emeralds. But the evil scientist Dr. Eggman is also searching for the Emeralds and plotting to take over this new world with his endless army of robots.

An all-out battle begins between Sonic, Eggman and the entire world as well. Will Sonic and his friends be able to make it back home? And what are the mysteries that surround the power of the Seven Emeralds?

Season 2 (Episodes 27-52) (The Sonic Adventure Sagas)

All Seven Chaos Emeralds are finally reunited, and after a near death battle with one of Eggman's out of control machines, Sonic becomes Super Sonic, a being powerful enough to merge both of Sonic and Chris' worlds together! However, in the aftermath much of this incident, Eggman finds some old artifacts, leading to a liquid creature known as Chaos. Hoping to use Chaos for his ambitions of world domination, he goes after the Chaos Emeralds in order to increase his power. The mystery of Chaos leads to a Princess named Tikal and an ancient tribe. As Chaos grows more powerful, he gains the power of all the Emeralds and becomes the monstrous Perfect Chaos, who manages to destroy Station Square. Sonic engages the destructive creature in a final battle.

Time passes, and Station Square is rebuilding from the battle with Chaos. Chris and his family are also moving away from their mansion. Eggman is plotting more evil schemes and his efforts lead to a secret project known as Project Shadow. He discovers a powerful black hedgehog (who resembles Sonic) named Shadow, which is mysteriously connected one of Eggman's relatives named Gerald Robotnik and a space fortress known as Space Colony ARK. Utilizing the power of ARK, Eggman holds the entire world hostage. Sonic and his friends scramble to stop Eggman, however everyone mistakes Shadow for Sonic, catching the attention of the government organization of GUN. Sonic and company infiltrate ARK in order to stop Eggman, however Gerald's legacy leads to a threat that could result in the world's destruction. Can Sonic and Shadow put aside their differences and save the world?

After the ARK Battle, Eggman apparently attempts to make amends for all the damage he caused with Space Colony ARK. However, this is only a front for another one of his evil schemes and is defeated once again by Sonic. A special fighting tournament is held later on, and a strange robot named Emerl appears. Adapting the ability to copy the ability of any opponent, he joins the tournament. However, what is Emerl? And will he become a threat to Sonic and his friends?

As time goes on, they discover that both Sonic and Chris's worlds could be destroyed if they stay merged! In order to set things right, Sonic and his friends must return home. However, Chris has the hardest time letting his friends go. Sonic and Chris spends their last moments together before they say their goodbyes....

Season 3 (Episodes 53-78) (The Metarex Saga)

After finally returning home and bringing balance back to Sonic and Chris' world, Sonic and his friends enjoy a little rest and relaxation... or so they think. A strange plant-girl named Cosmo crash lands after Sonic battles a mysterious being named Dark Oak. It turns out Cosmo is the only survivor of the destruction of her home world, which was destroyed by an evil race of alien robots known as the Metarex. The Metarex are deadly beings who destroy each and every world they cross paths with, mostly by taking the Planet Egg, which is the source of life for each and every world.

Sonic and his friends go on a galactic quest to take down the Metarex once and for all. (including Chris, who manages to bring himself to Sonic's world, even to the point of regressing to his younger age). Using Tails' massive space ship known as the Blue Typhoon and the power of Knuckles' Master Emerald, they travel through the galaxy, putting everything right to all the wrongs set by the Metarex. But as the battle against the Metarex rages on, the price of victory becomes even more costly then they could ever imagine....

Note: The third Season of Sonic X (The Metarex Saga) never premiered on Japanese television. Instead, the episodes debuted in France first, while the Japanese version went straight to DVD. There are rumors that a fourth season is being produced, but so far these are just rumors.

Audio Files: Sonic X

  • Sonic Drive - Japanese Opening by Hironobu Kageyama & Hideaki Takatori (1.37 MB)
  • Gotta Go Fast - U.S. Opening by 4Kids Entertainment (941 KB)
  • Kotoba ni Dekinai - Insert song from Episode 26 (Japanese version) by Off Course (5.83 MB)

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