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Ayumu NarumiAyumu NarumiAyumu Narumi (Spiral)
Little Narumi (by the Blade Children)Little Narumi (by the Blade Children)
14 years old14 years old
Kiyotaka's younger brotherKiyotaka's younger brother
"Finally the notes of truth are starting to play"
· · ·
"The melody of logic always plays the notes of truth."
Daniel KatsukKenichi Suzumura
Episode 1: Spiral of Destiny
SpiralSpiral: Suiri no Kizuna

Character Description: Ayumu Narumi

Ayumu is a high school freshman who is really great at solving cases. He is a loner who prefers to mind his own business and do things his own way. It has been this way since his older brother, Kiyotaka, mysteriously vanished with the last words "I will find out the mystery of the BLADE CHILDREN".

Through mysterious events, Ayumu learns of his importance in the destinies of the mysterious Blade Children. Ayumu searches out the reason why stuff keeps happening and how then Blade Children have something to with it, with Hiyono Yuizaki at his side.

Character Description: Ayumu Narumi

Ayumu Narumi is the main character of Spiral. His older brother, Kiyotaka, mysteriously vanishes when he leaves to solve the mystery of the Blade Children. This causes Ayumu to wonder about the Blade Children.

Ayumu is a high school freshman and a loner at school. When a girl gets pushed off the floor of the high school and nearly dies, Ayumu, being the only other person up there, gets the blame. This is one of the many incidents of murder or attempted murder that Ayumu is involved in.

The school newspaper editor, Hiyono, later teams up with him to help him solve all the mysteries of the Blade Children, who are Ayumu's main enemies in the series.

Character Description: Ayumu Narumi

Ayumu is the main character of Spiral. Always in the shadow of his older brother, Kiyotaka, Ayumu has developed self confidence issues. He believes that he is merely a pale imitation of his brother and will never be as good as him, much less better.

He is cared for by (or perhaps cares for) Madoka, his older brother's wife. Kiyotaka left them with nothing but a phone call, which he stated that "I am going to pursue the mystery of the Blade children." Ayumu seeks to discover who and what the Blade children are, with the help of Hiyono, his newly found "friend," though partner would be a better word.

As the series progresses, Ayumu begins to discover more and more about the Blade children and himself, as he begins to gain self confidence.

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