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Anime Profile: Sprite: Between Two Worlds

USA Info
Japanese Info
Sprite: Between Two WorldsManami to Nami Sprite (真ε₯ˆηΎŽοΌ†γƒŠγƒŸ γ‚Ήγƒ—γƒ©γ‚€γƒˆ) ("Manami and Nami Sprite")Sprite: Between Two Worlds
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Manami and Nami Sprite
4 OVA episodes4 OVA episodes
2000, 2005 (re-release)1996
U.S. Manga Corp.
Hentai, RomanceHentai, Romance
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Manami Sakumoto/NamiManami Sakumoto/Nami
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Chiaki βŠ• Chiaki βŠ•
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Dorobo Shitagi (the panty thief) βŠ• Dorobo Shitagi (the panty thief) βŠ•
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Hirame βŠ• Hirame βŠ•
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Last I checked, this anime was available on DVD at Amazon.

Characters: Sprite: Between Two Worlds

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Manami Sakumoto/Nami Manami Sakumoto/Nami Masaya βŠ• Masaya βŠ•
Chiaki βŠ• Chiaki βŠ• Ms. Imai βŠ• Imai Sensei βŠ•
Dorobo Shitagi (the panty thief) βŠ• Dorobo Shitagi (the panty thief) βŠ• Tohru Takamura βŠ• Tohru Takamura βŠ•
Hirame βŠ• Hirame βŠ•

Description: Sprite: Between Two Worlds

Manami Sakumoto is a shy and reserved college student, who happily still lives at home with her parents. While Manami is out back one afternoon watering, a young man named Tohru Takamura arrives at the front gate. Tohru, a friend and relative whom the family hasn't seen since he was a young child, has come to live with the Sakumoto family while his mother recovers from her surgery. So when nobody answers the doorbell, Tohru decides to let himself through the gate. He then heads around to the back when he hears the water going, and catches his first glimpse of Manami as fully developed woman. He stares in wonder as Manami looks down the barrel of the hose, wondering why the water stopped. Then Tohru realizes that he's standing on the hose and quickly jumps off, inadvertently causing Manami to get soaking wet, and giving him a very nice view of her breasts though her soaked t-shirt. Once she notices this, she totally clocks Tohru while screaming to her mom that there's a pervert after her. Apparently she forgot that her mom told her he was coming.

Sprite: Between Two Worlds It isn't long before we find the two in school, and are introduced to Manami's "rival", Chiaki. Chiaki is already jealous that the hot boy in class likes Manami, so when Chiaki sees Manami walking to school with another boy, Tohru, she becomes determined to do something to humiliate Manami. And this "something" happens when class is out of session. Chiaki and her two female friends pin Manami against a wall. Unbeknownst to an of them, Tohru had taken up a spot in a nearby tree to get some rest just a few minutes prior. When he hears the girls taunting Manami, he leaps into action... only to trip and fall out of the tree, knocking himself unconscious. The girls continue their torture and begin to undress Manami when Tohru comes to. He tries to yell out for Manami, but his mouth is full of leaves, so the only thing that escapes is "Nami". But upon hearing Tohru's cry, Manami instantly undergoes some kind of mental transformation, changing from the sweet, shy girl we've come to know into Nami, an assertive, self-confident woman with a kick-ass attitude who easily takes out all three of her aggressors!

The next morning Tohru can't stop talking about how she wiped out those three girls, but it seems Manami can't remember a thing! Tohru is understandable confused, but explained everything that happened nonetheless. When he gets to the part where she told him to call her "Nami", she again transforms into her self-assured alter-ego. That's when Tohru realizes that Manami actually has a split personality, and that calling her name is what brings it out. This little "trick" comes in handy later on, especially during another one of Chiaki's attempts to humiliate her by stealing Manami's bra panties during in swim class and then blackmailing a student into lifting up Manami's skirt after she's gotten changed and returned to class. Luckily Tohru was able to call out Nami just in the nick of time!

Sprite: Between Two Worlds These types of encounters don't remain the focus of the story, however. Gradually the plot shifts over to the budding romance between Tohru and Manami/Nami, the woman's realization, understanding, and eventual interaction with her dual personalities, and eventually the discovery of how they came to be. Once that happens, Tohru comes up with a plan to hopefully merge the two back into one person. Will it work, or will these two completely separate people continue to reside in the same body? Or even worse, will one of them disappear forever? Well I'm not gonna tell you the outcome of Tohru's plan, just that he had a great time implementing it!

This is a sweet, softcore hentai title that actually has an interesting and enjoyable story. The art and animation is simple but effective enough, and helps to keep the mood light and carefree. Plus, there are a lot of funny moments scattered throughout, often accompanied by exagerated drawings of Tohru. It was nice to see no monsters of any kind and no non-consentual sex for a change.

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