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Character Profile: Mysterious Gentleman

USA Info
Japanese Info
Mysterious GentlemanMysterious GentlemanMysterious Gentleman (Stepmother's Sin)
Lover of Yusuke's MotherLover of Yusuke's Mother
Sex teacherSex teacher
Be a little more intense, if you don't want your husband to cheat on you, you must improve your technique.Mousukoushi, shigeki ni shitekure. Otto wo Uwaki saesenai suru ni wa, sore nari ni no technique ga hitsuyou da zou.
Episode 1Episode 1
Stepmother's Sin (Vanilla Series)Gibo ("Stepmother")

Character Description: Mysterious Gentleman

His real name is never revealed, but he is the unnamed lover of Yusuke's mother. A bespectacled middle aged gentleman with a short mustache, he has a slim and mildly muscular build and long and firm penis. The Mysterious Gentleman is not only a master of coitus but also has a extremely powerful libido for having sex with women, having experience in making love to many women. Then he met Yusuke's mother, a very beautiful housewife with an extremely voluptuous body with enormous breasts which remains untarnished even after giving birth. Despite her immense beauty, Yusuke's mother is completely neglected by Eizo, her workaholic husband for several years after their marriage. Yusuke's mother asked the Mysterious Gentleman to teach her how to have good sex in order to regain her husband's attention. Charmed by her immense beauty and sexiness, he consented.

During a summer day when Yusuke and Eizo was absent, the Mysterious Gentleman visited the Yagami Residence to give his first sex lesson. Both he and Yusuke's mother went into a bedroom where he planned to have sex with Yusuke's mother in order to teach her through experience. After he first stripped himself naked, the Mysterious Gentleman calmly observed Yusuke's mother slowly removing her clothes, revealing her naked and extremely attractive body to him.

Mysterious Gentleman (Stepmother's Sin) The Mysterious Gentleman first started caressing Yusuke's mother's rich, enormous and beautiful breasts, by tightly groping her right breast while he licked the nipple of her left breast which he relished as Yusuke's mother moaned arousingly. He began fingering her vagina and as she started to feel anxious the Mysterious Gentleman reminded her she is no longer a virgin and told her to relax a little more and enjoy the foreplay, for which she complied. After some time, when Yusuke's mother is finally aroused, she sweated heavily as he asked if she was finally aroused, to which she agreed. Yusuke's mother covered her mouth with a finger as the Mysterious Gentleman moved closer to her face and kissed her off screen.

After giving Yusuke's mother a kiss, the Mysterious Gentleman stood up straight next to a bed as Yusuke's mother bent down in front of his crotch to suck his penis. Finding her sucking technique to be unsatisfying and mediocre, he calmly told her that she must be more intense in her sucking, that she must master her fellatio technique if she does not want her husband to cheat on her. After licking his penis a few times, the Mysterious Gentleman proceeded to gave her cunnilingus. As he savored her vagina, he complimented on its tenderness stating that he would never imagine it belonged to a woman who has given birth to children, to which Yusuke's mother replied it was embarrassing and not to say such things. As he licked further, Yusuke's mother climaxed as she groped one of her own wonderful breasts.

Mysterious Gentleman (Stepmother's Sin) Slowly and gradually, in a missionary position, the Mysterious Gentleman inserted his penis into Yusuke's mother vagina taking away her chastity and becoming the first man to have sex with her for the first time in years. As he questioned her about how it felt to have receive a man inside her after such a long time, she replied that she didn't know.

The Mysterious Gentleman started thrusting his penis deep into Yusuke's mother vagina before pulling it out and thrusting deep again. Intensifying the coitus, Yusuke's mother moaned in ecstatic pleasure. As a finishing to maximize her pleasure, the Mysterious Gentleman in reverse cowgirl position tightly groped Yusuke's mother's voluptuous breasts as he masterly thrust his penis into her vagina and ejaculated inside her womb. He asked if the sex was comfortable and she replied yes as he ejaculated inside her vagina while she moaned very loudly.

Over time, the Mysterious Gentleman continued to visit the Yagami Residence to continue their sex lessons. Amidst the throes of passion, eventually Yusuke's mother developed tremendous romantic love for him. The adulterers officially became lovers as Yusuke's mother became his favorite lover as the Mysterious Gentleman would spent every day having extremely passionate sex with Yusuke's mother to consummate their love.

Mysterious Gentleman (Stepmother's Sin) Once during a particularly intense sex session, Yusuke secretly found the Mysterious Gentleman in a doggy style sex position, intensely thrusting his penis into Yusuke's mother's vagina producing loud sounds of copulation which she immensely enjoyed as she asked her lover to thrust his penis into her vagina more intensely. As the Mysterious Gentleman bent and pushed his hips, passionately thrusting his penis inside her vagina, Yusuke's mother perfectly matched his pace and movement, balancing and bouncing her enormous breasts as she also skillfully shook her hips and legs forward and backward to allow her lover's penis to thrust even deeper into her vagina. With such immense intensity, the Mysterious Gentleman's penis and Yusuke's mother's vagina produced very loud and wet sounds of copulation with bold and unrestrained rhythm as the force of the penis thrusting into the vagina caused Yusuke's mother's vaginal discharge to spray out. As the sex reached its most intense both the Mysterious Gentleman and Yusuke's mother felt tremendous pleasure as they climaxed in a creampie with the Mysterious Gentleman's penis ejaculating deep inside Yusuke's mother's vagina and womb, moaning loudly with immense ecstasy.

Mysterious Gentleman (Stepmother's Sin) After having a creampie, Yusuke's mother and the Mysterious Gentleman then continued to have sex until Eizo's work time was nearly over. Knowing her husband Eizo would be returning home, Yusuke's mother told the Mysterious Gentleman to hurry up and give her an orgasm as her husband is coming home. Although the Mysterious Gentleman agreed, he feels reluctant as Yusuke has already reached home by now and is deeply worried that her son will discover their adultery if he were to give her an orgasm, to which she told him it is alright as she think her son is outside their house busy collecting insects and won't discover their adultery, not knowing Yusuke was actually peeking in on them at that moment. Feeling reassured, the Mysterious Gentleman prepared to ejaculate inside Yusuke's mother vagina for one last time before Eizo returned home.

Animated Images
Stepmother's Sin Opening (animated) (Stepmother's Sin) Mysterious Gentleman licking Yusuke's Mother's nipple (animated) (Stepmother's Sin) Mysterious Gentleman licking Yusuke's Mother's nipple (animated) (Stepmother's Sin) Mysterious Gentleman fingering Yuskuke's Mother (animated) (Stepmother's Sin) Yusuke's Mother and the Mysterious Gentleman having sex (animated) (Stepmother's Sin) Mysterious Gentleman leaning in to Yusuke's Mother (animated) (Stepmother's Sin) Yusuke's Mother giving the Mysterious Gentleman fellatio (animated) (Stepmother's Sin) Yusuke's Mother and the Mysterious Gentleman having sex (animated) (Stepmother's Sin) Yusuke's Mother and the Mysterious Gentleman having sex (animated) (Stepmother's Sin) Yusuke's Mother and the Mysterious Gentleman having sex (animated) (Stepmother's Sin) Yusuke's Mother and the Mysterious Gentleman having sex (animated) (Stepmother's Sin) Yusuke's Mother and the Mysterious Gentleman having sex (animated) (Stepmother's Sin) Yusuke's Mother and the Mysterious Gentleman having sex (animated) (Stepmother's Sin) Yusuke's Mother and the Mysterious Gentleman having sex (animated) (Stepmother's Sin)

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