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Character Profile: Yusuke's Mother

USA Info
Japanese Info
Yusuke's MotherYusuke's MotherYusuke's Mother (Stepmother's Sin)
Yusuke's MomYusuke's Mom
Cheating housewifeCheating housewife
"Hurry, hurry up and cum, my husband is going to be home soon.""Hayaku, hayaku ikasete, otto ga kaitekuru wa" (早く、早く いかせて, ε€«γŒε›žγ¦γγ‚‹γ‚γ€‚)
Annabel Leo
Episode 1Episode 1
Stepmother's Sin (Vanilla Series)Gibo ("Stepmother")

Character Description: Yusuke's Mother

As far as I know her name is never revealed, but she is the mother of Yusuke Yagami and wife of Eizo Yagami. She is a neglected housewife who is very beautiful with wavy brown hair and brown eyes who possesses an extremely attractive and perfect figure that consists of outstanding voluptuous breasts, a slim waist, and magnificent hips. Despite her immense beauty, Yusuke's Mother was completely neglected by Eizo, a workaholic businessman, for several years after their marriage. Driven by loneliness, to regain her husband's attention and fear that Eizo will start cheating on her, Yusuke's Mother seeks help from a bespectacled middle-aged gentleman who is extremely skilled and an experienced master in having sex with women to teach her how to have good sex to regain Eizo's attention and to discourage him from committing adultery.

Yusuke's Mother arranged her first sex lesson on a hot summer day, when both Yusuke and his father, Eizo, were absent. She and the mysterious gentleman went to the bedroom of the Yagami Residence where Yusuke's Mother would learn through experience by having sex with her teacher.

Yusuke's Mother (Stepmother's Sin) Yusuke's Mother slowly stripped her clothes off one by one in front of the mysterious gentleman who quietly observed, showing her naked body to the latter who remained stoic and silent.

The gentleman first started groping the rich, enormous and beautiful breasts of Yusuke's Mother to arouse her, which he relished as he licked and tasted her nipple for some time before he started fingering her vagina. As she started to feel anxious, he reminded his sex student she is no longer a virgin, and told her to relax a little more and enjoy the foreplay, for which she complied.

Yusuke's Mother (Stepmother's Sin) After some time, when Yusuke's Mother is finally aroused, she covered her mouth with a finger as her teacher moved closer to her face and kissed her off screen. After sharing a kiss with the gentleman, Yusuke's Mother bent down on all fours in front of his crotch to suck his penis. Finding her sucking technique to be unsatisfying and mediocre, he calmly told her that she must be more intense in her sucking, that she must master her fellatio technique if she does not want her husband to cheat on her, as Yusuke's Mother continued to obediently suck his penis.

After licking his penis a few times, her teacher proceeds to give her cunnilingus. As he savored her vagina, he complimented on its tenderness stating that he would never imagined it belonged to a woman who had given birth to children. Yusuke's Mother replied it is embarrassing and asked him not to say such things. As he licked further, Yusuke's Mother climaxed as she groped one of her own wonderful breasts. Slowly and gradually, in a missionary position, the gentleman inserted his penis into Yusuke's Mother's vagina, taking her chastity and becoming the first man to have sex with her since Eizo. As he questioned her about how it feels to receive a man inside her after such a long time, she replied she didn't know. As the coitus became more intense, Yusuke's Mother moaned in ecstatic pleasure as she started having sex extremely passionately with the gentleman first in a doggy style and then again in a missionary position.

Yusuke's Mother (Stepmother's Sin) Finally, to maximize her pleasure the gentleman and Yusuke's Mother switched to having sex in a reverse cowgirl position. He tightly groped Yusuke's Mother's voluptuous breasts as he masterly and intensely thrust his penis into her vagina in preparation to ejaculate inside her womb. He asked if the sex was comfortable and Yusuke's Mother replied yes as she immensely enjoyed the sensation of having her breasts tightly groped while the gentleman intensively thrust his penis into her vagina. The Sex Teacher ejaculated inside her vagina, giving Yusuke's Mother a vaginal creampie as she moaned very loudly.

After she committed her first adultery, Yusuke's Mother would secretly continue to have sex lessons with the mysterious gentleman during her husband and son's absence. Eventually, she came to fall in love with her teacher. The adulterers officially became lovers as Yusuke's Mother no longer cared about Eizo as she continued to have extremely passionate sex with the mysterious gentleman everyday to consummate their new found love with absolutely no remorse in cheating on her husband. Eventually, Yusuke's Mother also began to neglect Yusuke. While she wished to continued keep her adultery a secret from her husband, she became brazen enough to have sex with the Sex Teacher when Yusuke was at home.

Yusuke's Mother (Stepmother's Sin) During one of Yusuke's Mother's trysts with her lover, her son Yusuke came home early. As he entered the Yagami Residence calling for her, Yusuke heard the sound of sexual moans coming from one of the rooms. As he peeked inside, he saw his mother naked and also her naked lover having extremely passionate sex in a doggy style position. Immensely enjoying the sex, Yusuke's Mother asked the mysterious gentleman to plunge his penis into her vagina more intensely which produced loud and wet sounds of copulation from the increased intensity.

Yusuke's Mother (Stepmother's Sin) Having gained considerable sex training and experience, Yusuke's Mother could perfectly match the pace of the mysterious gentleman, also giving him immense pleasure as the two lovers rhythmically moaned energetically as Yusuke's Mother's enormous breasts bounced in unison. As Yusuke's Mother continued to keep pace with mysterious gentleman her beautiful voluptuous breasts bounced in tandem with her lover bending his hips and thrusting his penis into her vagina. The sex reached its most intense as Yusuke's Mother and her lover bent their backs and moan loudly with immense ecstasy, climaxing in a creampie with absolute pleasure as the mysterious gentleman ejaculated inside Yusuke's Mother's womb. Their moans echoed as Yusuke looked on in silent and heartbroken despair. Yusuke continued to look on in silence as his mother continued to have sex with the Sex Teacher until his father's work time was over.

As her husband would soon return home, Yusuke's Mother having sex with the mysterious gentleman in a standing position asked her lover to hurry up and give her an orgasm which he was reluctant to do as Yusuke was already home. Yusuke's Mother assured him it was okay as she thinks her son is outside collecting insects and wouldn't come in. Reassured, the mysterious gentleman prepares to ejaculate inside Yusuke's Mother's womb for one last time before Eizo return homes.

Not long after, Eizo divorced Yusuke's Mother, leaving her son behind.

Yusuke's Mother (Stepmother's Sin) Yusuke's Mother (Stepmother's Sin) Yusuke's Mother (Stepmother's Sin) Yusuke's Mother (Stepmother's Sin) Yusuke's Mom with the Mysterious Gentleman from the Gibo visual novel
Animated Images
Stepmother's Sin Opening (animated) (Stepmother's Sin) Mysterious Gentleman licking Yusuke's Mother's nipple (animated) (Stepmother's Sin) Mysterious Gentleman licking Yusuke's Mother's nipple (animated) (Stepmother's Sin) Mysterious Gentleman fingering Yuskuke's Mother (animated) (Stepmother's Sin) Yusuke's Mother and the Mysterious Gentleman having sex (animated) (Stepmother's Sin) Mysterious Gentleman leaning in to Yusuke's Mother (animated) (Stepmother's Sin) Yusuke's Mother giving the Mysterious Gentleman fellatio (animated) (Stepmother's Sin) Yusuke's Mother and the Mysterious Gentleman having sex (animated) (Stepmother's Sin) Yusuke's Mother and the Mysterious Gentleman having sex (animated) (Stepmother's Sin) Yusuke's Mother and the Mysterious Gentleman having sex (animated) (Stepmother's Sin) Yusuke's Mother and the Mysterious Gentleman having sex (animated) (Stepmother's Sin) Yusuke's Mother and the Mysterious Gentleman having sex (animated) (Stepmother's Sin) Yusuke's Mother and the Mysterious Gentleman having sex (animated) (Stepmother's Sin) Yusuke's Mother and the Mysterious Gentleman having sex (animated) (Stepmother's Sin)

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