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Anime Profile: Stratos 4

USA Info
Japanese Info
Stratos 4 Stratos 4(ストラトス) Stratos 4
13 TV episodes 13 TV episodes
2003 2003
Bandai Ent. Studio Fantasia
Action, Comedy, Mecha Action, Comedy, Mecha
Mikaze Honjou Mikaze Honjou
· · ·
Ayamo Ayamo
· · ·
Karin Kikuhara Karin Kikuhara
· · ·
Shizuha Shizuha

Last I checked, this anime was available on DVD at Amazon.

Anime Description: Stratos 4

Stratos 4 is the story of four Meteor Sweepers-in-training who are struggling to, well, prove themselves for a promotion! And too make it harder, Mikaze Honjou can't muster up the drive, or even the heart to care about her training! And for Karin, she seems so detached that it's unclear what she's actually thinking!!! And the other two, Ayamo and Shizuha, are both as gung-ho as can be. Sadly, they can't compensate for Mikaze's shortcomings.

Also, there's a threat in the four girls' training... comets, which have made their way into our Solar System! Uh-oh, poor Mikaze... Things are looking bad for this kawaii, blue pig-tailed recruit!!

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