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Anime Profile: The Super Milk-Chan Show

USA Info
Japanese Info
The Super Milk-Chan Show Oh! Super Milk-Chan(OH! スーパーミルクチャン)("Oh! Super Milk-Chan") The Super Milk-Chan Show
· · ·
Vintage Milk-Chan Super Milk-Chan(スーパーミルクチャン)("Super Milk-Chan")
14 TV segments(8 min. each, Super Milk-chan) 14 TV segments(8 min. each, Super Milk-chan)
· · ·
12 TV episodes(Oh! Super Milk-chan) 12 TV episodes(Oh! Super Milk-chan)
November 17, 2004 1998(Super Milk-chan), 2000(Oh! Super Milk-chan)
A.D. Vision/Industrial Smoke & Mirrors Framegraphics/GENCO/Tokyo Kids(Super Milk-chan)
· · ·
  Framegraphics/Space Shower Networks/Suplex(Oh! Super Milk-chan)
  Hideyuki Tanaka
Steven Foster(ADR Director) Kiyohiro Omori
Crazy Comedy Crazy Comedy
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Anime Characters: The Super Milk-Chan Show

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Dr. Eyepatch Dr. Eyepatch Robodog Robodog
Hanage Hanage Tetsuko Tetsuko
Lalo the Landlord Ooya The President of Everything The President of Everything
Milk-chan Milk-chan    

Anime Description: The Super Milk-Chan Show

Meet Milk-chan, the weirdest superheroine you've probably ever seen. Be warned: she may look cute, but she's no poster girl! She may not have super powers, but she's rude, crude, and doesn't give you-know-what about what you think about her drooling. Living six months behind on rent with an obsolete robot, a slug, and an out-of-control pet, Milk-chan answers whenever the President calls...if she feels like it.

The President's clueless, her missions are insane...but then the bad guys are nuts and so for that matter is our "heroine". The world is screwed...and it doesn't care. Welcome to The Super Milk-chan Show.

Super Milk-chan got its start as a segment in the Fuji Television show Flyer back in 1998. Its 14 episode original run developed a bit of a cult following, which precipitated Milk graduating from training pants to her own television show. When A.D. Vision acquired the rights to Oh! Super Milk-chan, they and Industrial Smoke & Mirrors (the dub studio upon whom ADV frequently relies) proceeded to do a little work on it. Since it's only two baby steps away from the average American animated crude comedy (ie. South Park), they made the jokes and plotline fit better to American tastes.

The original version of the show also had live action footage. They decided to replace them with behind-the-scenes skits from within Industrial Smoke & Mirrors. They also inserted the original 8-minute Super Milk-chan segments from Flyer into the show as Vintage Milk-chan. But to be fair to the purists, ADV made sure to keep the original footage. The Super Milk-chan Show is packaged with two discs per volume. One is the aforementioned "Made for America" version; the other is the original Japanese version.

Just remember, keep the kids away from this. It may look cute, but it's cute in a Ren & Stimpy sort of way, with the language out of South Park thrown in for good measure.

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