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Anime Profile: Tactics

USA Info
Japanese Info
Tactics Tactics(タクティクス) Tactics
25 TV episodes 25 TV episodes
2004–2005 2004–2005
  Studio Deen
  Hiroshi Watanabe
Action, Drama, Fantasy Action, Drama, Fantasy
Haruka Haruka
· · ·
Kantaro Ichonomiya Kantarou Ichonomiya
· · ·
Muu-chan Muu-chan
· · ·
Rosalie Rosalie
· · ·
Sugino Sugino
· · ·
Suzu Suzu
· · ·
Yoko Youko
· · ·
Hasumi Hasumi

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Anime Description: Tactics

Ever since he was little, Kantarou (or Kan-chan as Youko calls him) has always been able to see and talk with youkai, and he swore that he would find the famous oni-eating tengu and become friends with it.

His search takes years as he endures the persistency of his editor to finish the latest manuscript and the nagging of Youko, but finally he manages to meet with the oni-eating tengu and names him Haruka, thus binding him to his service. (In Tactics, a demon cannot go against the will of the person who gave it its name.)

Now, as a famous ethnologist and 'youkai buster' on the side, along with Youko and Haruka, Kan-chan works to exorcise various youkai and oni that cause people trouble. However, as Haruka's sealed past catches up with them all, it will take more than a few exorcised demons to get them through these troubled times.

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