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Tales of PhantasiaTales of Phantasia: The Animation (テむルズ・γ‚ͺブ・フゑンタジを)Tales of Phantasia
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Tales of Fantasia (common misspelling)
4 OVA Episodes4 OVA Episodes
Nov 25, 2004–Feb 24, 2006
GeneonActus/Frontier Works/Geneon/NAMCO
NAMCO (Based on the video game)
Takuo Tominaga
Adventure, FantasyAdventure, Fantasy
Arche Klaine βŠ•Arche Klaine βŠ•
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Chester Barklight βŠ•Chester Barklight βŠ•
· · ·
Cress Alvein βŠ•Cless Alvein βŠ•
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Dhaos βŠ•Dhaos βŠ•
· · ·
Klarth F. Lester βŠ•Klarth F. Lester βŠ•
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Characters: Tales of Phantasia

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Arche Klaine βŠ• Arche Klaine βŠ• Mars βŠ• Mars βŠ•
Chester Barklight βŠ• Chester Barklight βŠ• Martel βŠ• Martel βŠ•
Cress Alvein βŠ• Cless Alvein βŠ• Mint Adnade βŠ• Mint Adnade βŠ•
Dhaos βŠ• Dhaos βŠ• Raizen βŠ• Raizen βŠ•
Klarth F. Lester βŠ• Klarth F. Lester βŠ• Suzu Fujibayashi βŠ• Suzu Fujibayashi βŠ•

Description: Tales of Phantasia

Based on the classic RPG game, Tales of Phantasia tells the story of Cless, a young swordsman from the town of Totus. Cless' peaceful life is turned upside down when his home is destroyed over a pendant he received as a child.

He meets a healer named Mint, and together they are sent back in time in order to defeat the evil sorcerer known as Dhaos, and undo all the damage he's created. They also team up with archer Chester, summoner Klarth, and half-elf Arche as they try to stop Dhaos for good and bring piece to the land.

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