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Kratos AurionKratos AurionKratos Aurion (Tales of Symphonia)
Appears about 28 years old (actually over 4000)Appears about 28 years old (actually over 4000)
Red-ish brownRed-ish brown
6'1"185 cm
171.6 lbs77.8 kg
Mercenary, Defender of Colette, High Seraphim of Cruxis, Lloyd's fatherMercenary, Defender of Colette, High Seraphim of Cruxis, Lloyd's father
Cam ClarkTachiki Fumihiko
Episode 1Episode 1
Tales of SymphoniaTales of Symphonia

Character Description: Kratos Aurion

In Tales of Symphonia, a game where you lead the young hero Lloyd Irving and the Chosen Colette Brunel on a journey to save the world from dying, Kratos Aurion first appears in the beginning of the game when the young heroes are about to meet their death at the hands of one large guy with a spiked mace and chain. His first words are "Stay out of the way". Nice attitude there, guy.

He is a mercenary, but he can heal and use magic. He doesn't say much, the most common thing out of his mouth is 'hmph' and 'don't die'. He helps you, often by pointing out things, and he also seems to know a lot about Summoning, the art of calling upon the creatures of elements and having them do battle for you. He also seems to know a lot about what should be done about the Angel Transformations Colette goes through, the slow process that takes away the humanity of the one becoming an angel.

This all makes sense once you reach the Tower of Salvation, the final point in the Journey. Because... Kratos himself is an angel, and he works for the people called Cruxis. What a surprise. There are several other plot twists revolving around Kratos, but if I typed them all up, my hands would go sore. A few- he was part of that band of Heroes who ended the Khalran war, his is Lloyd's father, he knows Yuan, the blue haired man who's first words were "Who the hell are you", and he is one of the best characters in the game.

Kratos also reveals that Lloyd's mother was killed and gave him the exphere on his hand that later becomes a Cruxis crystal.

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