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Character Profile: Leona Ozaki

USA Info
Japanese Info
Leona Ozaki   Leona Ozaki (Dominion Tank Police)
Human Human
Female Female
Red(Dominion Tank Police) Red(Dominion Tank Police)
· · ·
Brown(New Dominion Tank Police) Brown(New Dominion Tank Police)
Blue(Dominion Tank Police) Blue(Dominion Tank Police)
· · ·
Brown(New Dominion Tank Police) Brown(New Dominion Tank Police)
Tank Police Officer Tank Police Officer
Toni Barri  
Dominion Tank Police Dominion Tank Police
· · ·
New Dominion Tank Police New Dominion Tank Police

Character Description: Leona Ozaki

Leona is the Tank Police's most enthusiastic officers, and only female one too. She is definitely NOT your typical female officer, either. She is into the heavy metal, which is why she transferred out of the motorcycle unit into the Tank Police.

Right off the bat, Leona gets the feel for tank driving when she pilots Lieutenant Britian's Tiger Special in a high-speed chase that demolishes a skyscraper and wrecks the tank. Just before the tank bit the dust, however, she fired one shot that nailed Buaku and foiled his escape.

In the wake of that fiasco, however, came probably the Tank Police's most versatile and most useful tank. It's also the smallest: Bonaparte, Leona's pride and joy. She built it with Al out of the scraps from the Tiger Special, and it soon saw battle. Bonaparte's a tough tank, taking all sorts of hits and still managing to get the job done. Bonaparte even has a track record of incidental damage just like every other tank.

As for Leona herself, the others soon accept her as another member of the team (and a damn good one, too). Probably her greatest fault is her zeal. She sometimes goes overboard in her job, causing LOTS of incidental damage, bad public relations, and beratings from both the chief and the mayor.

On the other hand, this tough lady may be just what Newport City needs to get the crime cleaned up.

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