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Character Profile: Shara Carter

USA Info
Japanese Info
Shara Carter Miyuki Aiba Shara Carter (Teknoman)
Teknoman Shara Tekkaman Rapier
Human/Teknoman Human/Teknoman
Female Female
About 16-18 years About 16-18 years
Bleach blond(appears white) Bleach blond(appears white)
Fusha Fusha
Teknoman Tekkaman
"I'm not gone, brother. I'm right here, and I'll always be here in your heart and in your memories, forever."  
Wendee Lee  
Teknoman Uchu no Kishi Tekkaman Blade

Character Description: Shara Carter

Shara is like Tina in many ways, and except for having different ages, heights, hair, and eyes they almost look like twins (they have the same face)! She is younger than Slade but more patient than him. Her first appearance in the series was as a memory. Her first physical appearance was in the episode "Mind Game." She escaped the tekno process on Darkon's moonbase because her body was rejected for being not strong enough to host. Because she was rejected later in the process than her father, she had already assumed the bulk of her Tekkaman powers, but because of the damage caused by the process, she is very weak and sickly while in her human form.

She went to Earth to find her brother, Slade, and tell him about Darkon's plans. She crashed in the desert and was rescued by some nomads (who live in the desert). There she was cared for until a little boy was caught in a sandtrap sprung by a buried spider crab. Shara hesitated before she used her tekno crystal and transformed in a ruby and black colored Teknoman (very cool). She killed the spider crab and saved the child's life. She was returned with insults as the nomads called her a "devil" and a "monSter". She broke down and continued her journey in the desert.

Even in her terminally ill condition, she is able to protect everyone from the four evil Tekkamen by sacrificing her life.

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