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Anime Profile: Temptation

USA Info
Japanese Info
Temptation Temptation Temptation
2 OVA episodes 2 OVA episodes
October 11, 2005  
Anime 18 Discovery/Scoop
Hentai Hentai
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Ayumi Ayumi
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Director Director
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Dr. Sugisaki Dr. Sugisaki
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Hikaru Hikaru
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Hotaru Hotaru
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Last I checked, this anime was available on DVD at The Right Stuf.

Anime Characters: Temptation

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Ayumi Ayumi Kotoe Yasaku Kotoe Yasaku
Director Director Miku Mikuni Miku Mikuni
Dr. Sugisaki Dr. Sugisaki Professor Ayabe Professor Ayabe
Hikaru Hikaru Professor Kyomoto Professor Kyomoto
Hotaru Hotaru Sakura Sakura

Anime Description: Temptation

TemptationSchool is out for the day, but handsome young Professor Ayabe happens to hear something unusual coming from one of the supposedly empty room. A quick peek inside reveals the hot green-haired student Hotaru pleasing herself to thoughts of a professor. So it's no surprise that Professor Ayabe jumps when another student, the pink-haired Sakura, comes up behind him. It's also no surprise that Professor Ayabe declines to walk out with her, saying that he has some things he still has to finish up. But as soon as she leaves, before our excited little professor even has time to turn around, the doors to the room open and a pair of arms pulls him right inside! And we all know that in hentai titles, resistance if futile! Though it's not like he really resisted.... Anyway, unbeknownst to Professor Ayabe, Hotaru was getting the whole thing on video!

TemptationWhy, you ask? For blackmail of course! Is there ever any other reason? But it's not Hotaru who's doing the blackmail, it's the sexy, dominating Professor Kyomoto. What's she up to?! Well for some reason, she wants to blackmail Professor Ayabe into taking some young women that she specifies and then having sex with them while getting it all on video. Okay... kind of a strange demand. Well, with little choice for fear of losing his job and being humiliated in front of the entire school, he does what he is told. His first target is the petite young blond-haired Miku Mikuni whom he finds and trains in a public restroom stall. Gee, I wonder how it goes? Does she at first resist and then start to enjoy it? The next applicant is the purple-haired priestess Kotoe Yasaku. She's tied up, and is pleasured by candlelight. How romantic.

TemptationThe next day Professor Ayabe comes across Sakura working at a fast food restaurant. The lovely young lady obviously has a crush on our dear professor, so eventually she gets up the courage to ask him out on a date to the aquarium. Well, they both have a lovely time, but afterward Ayabe has to return to his duties. His subject: the brown-haired glasses-wearing Ayumi, lesbian lover of Hikaru, whom together make up the singing group Birds. The place: an empty room at the school. The assistance: Miku Mikuni, who is now a sexed-up female cat-girl wanna-be who even has her own cat-ears and tail. The blackmail: do what Ayabe says or the world will find out about the Birds' lesbian love affair. Hey, you think she resists at first resist and then starts to enjoy it? Yeah, real imaginative there.

TemptationWell, soon afterwards we finally get to find out what Professor Kyomoto is up to... she's preparing the girls to be sold out as sex slaves. And the first customer? The Director, one of the ugliest men you have ever seen. Fat, hairy, sweaty, and extremely controlling, this monstrosity of a man tries out Kyomoto's pet, Hotaru. Or should I say, ex-pet, since she was actually trying to steal the tape to get Professor Ayabe off the hook. But since she failed and got caught, she became the Director's. It wasn't a pretty sight, by any means, and defineitly a far cry from the handsome Ayabe or the sexy Kyomoto. But when you're a sex slave, you don't really have much say in the matter.

TemptationMeanwhile, back in Professor Ayabe-land, we find him walking in the rain at night, when out of nowhere he is struck by a car. He awakes in a hospital to the sight of a beautiful blue-haired nurse, as well as Hotaru, who has been waiting in the room with him. How sweet! He soon discovers that the person who hit him was none other than his doctor, the beautiful assistant chief surgeon Dr. Manami Sugisaki. Apparently the nurse has a thing for the doctor, since she tries to bribe the professor to not press charges. Any guess on what his conditions are for not revealing the secret? Well, if not, you'll get to see it, complete with Miku Mikuni and Kotoe Yasaku, who just can't get enough. Eh? What about Ayumi you say? Nah, she was there earlier, under the covers while the nurse was trying to buy him off. Dang, can a man really be that good?! Yep, but only in hentai....

TemptationAnyway, I don't want to tell you how it ends, but suffice to say Professor Ayabe and Sakura have to have their confrontation. Also, we get a glimpse at another side of our dear professor, with a little surprise at the end. So no, the story's not anything complex or mind-bending, and definitely nothing we haven't seen before in other hentai titles. But on the other hand, there are some good angles, and the art and animation are both well done. Plus, there is very rarely any re-used scenes, if any, like is typical with other titles. So overall, there's nothing outstanding here that makes it a must-see, but it can holds its own in the arena of hentai titles.

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