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USA Info
Japanese Info
13 TV Episodes13 TV Episodes
February 6, 2007(DVD)April 15, 2006–July 29, 2006
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June 18, 2007(Sci-Fi Channel braodcast) 
Manga Ent., Bang Zoom! Ent.AIC, Group TAC, WOWOW, Tokko Production Committee
 Tohru Fujisawa
 Masashi Abe
Action, Horror, Paranormal, Mystery, PsychologicalAction, Horror, Paranormal, Mystery, Psychological
Araragi Itto βŠ•Araragi Itto βŠ•
· · ·
Araragi Mayu βŠ• 
· · ·
Councillor Ogata βŠ•Councillor Ogata βŠ•
· · ·
Dr. Shiraishi βŠ•Dr. Shiraishi βŠ•
· · ·
Hiroki Rokujo βŠ•Hiroki Rokujo βŠ•
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Last I checked, this anime was available on DVD at Amazon.

Characters: Tokko

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Araragi Itto βŠ• Araragi Itto βŠ• Ogata βŠ• Ogata βŠ•
Araragi Mayu βŠ• --?-- Ranmaru Shindo βŠ• Ranmaru Shindo βŠ•
Councillor Ogata βŠ• Councillor Ogata βŠ• Ryoko Ibuki βŠ• Ryoko Ibuki βŠ•
Dr. Shiraishi βŠ• Dr. Shiraishi βŠ• Sakura Rokujo βŠ• Sakura Rokujo βŠ•
Hiroki Rokujo βŠ• Hiroki Rokujo βŠ• Saya Shindo βŠ• Saya Shindo βŠ•
Ichiro Hanazono βŠ• Ichiro Hanazono βŠ• Suzuka Akito βŠ• Suzuka Akito βŠ•
Inukai Ami βŠ• Inukai Ami βŠ• Taishi(Master) βŠ• Taishi(Master) βŠ•
Kaoru Kunikida βŠ• Kaoru Kunikida βŠ• Tsunadai βŠ• Tsunadai βŠ•
Kureha Suzuka βŠ• Kureha Suzuka βŠ• Yukino Shiraishi βŠ• Yukino Shiraishi βŠ•

Description: Tokko

From the creator of GTO comes the supernatural thriller Tokko.

Ranmaru has just graduated from the top of his rank to become an Officer for The Special Mobile Investigation Troops First Division (or TOKKI) in order to avenge his parents death. However, he has been harboring dreams of a mysterious girl covered in blood and holding a sword, and to his surprise Ranmaru sees the girl in Police Uniform. He learns that she belongs to Section 2 of TOKKO. (Special Public Safety Task Force) However, the nature of their work is shrouded in mystery.

But the destiny of both of them will intertwine when a rash of mysterious and brutal murders arise. They soon learn that the causes are Paranormal, and are linked to hellish creatures involved with "The Box of Dirge."