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Mew Mew PowerTokyo Mew Mew (東京ミュウミュウ)Mew Mew Power
52 TV episodes52 episodes
Feb. 19, 2005April 6, 2002–March 29, 2003
4Kids Ent.Studio Pierrot
Reiko Yoshida, Mia Ikumi (manga)
Action, Comedy, RomanceAction, Comedy, Romance
Berry (manga only)Berii Shirayuki (manga only)
· · ·
Blue KnightBlue Knight
· · ·
Bridget VerdantLettuce Midorikawa
· · ·
Corina BucksworthMinto Aizawa
· · ·
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Characters: Mew Mew Power

Description: Mew Mew Power

Ichigo Momomiya is your normal 13 year old girl, but when she goes on a "date" with her crush Aoyama, something strange happens. Ichigo is accidentally fused with the DNA of a wildcat, becoming the first memeber of the "Mew Project".

Equipped with her new powers, Ichigo must now become a crime fighter, protecting the world from an invasion of evil aliens called Kirema Animas. She must find her team members and keep her new identity secret while also working part-time in the secret cafe base!

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