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Anime Profile: Transformers: Robots in Disguise

USA Info
Japanese Info
Transformers: Robots in DisguiseTransformers: Car RobotsTransformers: Robots in Disguise
39 TV Episodes39 TV episodes
Sept 2001–March 2002April 5, 2000–Dec 27, 2000
Saban, FOXStudio Gallop, TV Tokyo, Takara
Osamu Sekita
Adventure, Comedy, MechaAdventure, Comedy, Mecha
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Characters: Transformers: Robots in Disguise

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Optimus Prime Fire Convoy Mirage βŠ• Counter Arrow βŠ•
Armorhide βŠ• Dangar βŠ• Movor βŠ• Shuttler βŠ•
Carl βŠ• --?-- Omega Prime βŠ• God Fire Convoy βŠ•
Cerebros βŠ• Plasma βŠ• Prowl βŠ• MachAlert βŠ•
Crosswise βŠ• X-Car βŠ• R.E.V. βŠ• Eagle Killer βŠ•
Dark Scream βŠ• Gildo βŠ• Railracer βŠ• JRX βŠ•
Dorie Dutton βŠ• --?-- Railspike βŠ• J-5 βŠ•
Dr. Onishi βŠ• Dr. Akashi βŠ• Rapid Run βŠ• J-7 βŠ•
Fortress Maximus βŠ• Brave Maximus βŠ• Ro-Tor βŠ• Heptor βŠ•
Galvatron βŠ• Devil Gigatron βŠ• Rollbar βŠ• --?--
Gas Skunk βŠ• Gaskunk βŠ• Ruination βŠ• Baldagus βŠ•
Grimlock βŠ• Build Hurricane βŠ• Scourge βŠ• Black Convoy βŠ•
Heavy Load βŠ• Build Typhoon βŠ• Sideburn βŠ• SpeedBreaker βŠ•
Hightower βŠ• Build Cyclone βŠ• Skid Z βŠ• Indy Heat βŠ•
Hotshot βŠ• --?-- Sky-Byte βŠ• Gelshark βŠ•
Ironhide βŠ• --?-- Slapper βŠ• Gushar βŠ•
Kelly βŠ• Junko βŠ• T-AI βŠ• AI βŠ•
Koji Onishi βŠ• Yuki Onishi βŠ• Tow-Line βŠ• Wreckerhook βŠ•
Landfill βŠ• Build King βŠ• Ultra Magnus βŠ• God Magnus βŠ•
Mega Octane βŠ• Dolralier βŠ• W.A.R.S. βŠ• W.A.R.S. βŠ•
Megatron βŠ• Gigatron βŠ• Wedge βŠ• Build Boy βŠ•
Midnight Express βŠ• J-4 βŠ• X-Brawn βŠ• Wildride βŠ•

Description: Transformers: Robots in Disguise

When Koji Odishi's father is abducted by the Decepticons, he meets Optimus Prime, the Autobots, and their AI construct, TAI. With the Autobot's help, Koji must rescue his father from Megatron's grasp.

After Koji's father is rescued, the Autobots begin the search for the O-Parts, devices that when brought together grant unimaginable power to the collectors. The race is on!

Note: The U.S. airing of Robots in Disguise was affected by the September 11th attacks. Some episodes were skipped while other scenes in certain episodes were edited.

Description: Transformers: Robots in Disguise

In the year 2001 the Autobots, led by Optimus Prime, have integrated themselves completely into human society, sometimes even acting as vehicles for humans. As part of this integration, they have modified everything from buildings to roadways to serve their purpose: protect Earth from invasion.

All seems peaceful until one day, the Predacons arrive. Led by the powerful Megatron, it is rumored that these Cyber-Beast Transformers are super-soldiers from another time and dimension. When Koji Odishi's father is abducted by the Predacons, The Autobots are called into action and must face these new enemy with all their abilities and teamwork in a battle unknown to the general public.

Along the way, the Cybertrons befriend Koji, whose father plays a mysterious part in Megatron's plans. After Dr. Odishi was rescued, the Autobots begin the search for the O-Parts, ancient devices that when brought together grant unimaginable power to the collectors....Power Megatron wants...

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