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Anime Profile: Trigun

USA Info
Japanese Info
Trigun Trigun(トライガン) Trigun
26 episodes 26 episodes
2002 1998
Geneon/Pioneer Ent./Animaze(original licensor), FUNimation(new licensor) Madhouse/Victor Ent.
  Yasuhiro Nightow
  Satoshi Nishimura
Action, Drama, Sci-Fi Action, Drama, Sci-Fi
Trigun: Badlands Rumble Trigun: Badlands Rumble
-- listed below -- -- listed below --

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Anime Description: Trigun

Trigun is not your normal western. A man named Vash the Stampede is a careless drifter, roaming the desert planet, Gunsmoke. He believes in the power of love and peace. Vash, along with his friends Nick D. Wolfwood, Milly Thompson, and Meryl Stryfe, travels the planet hunting for peace and chasing the elusive mayfly of love.

Milly and Meryl work for the Bernardelli Insurance society (often misspelled as "Bernadelli"). Nick works as a priest but carries around a huge gun in the shape of a cross. Vash has dreams of a woman named Rem Saverem. Rem was apparently his guardian when he was young. Knives is Vash's twin brother, and Legato is Knives' psychotic henchman.

Audio Files: Trigun

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