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Anime Profile: Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle

USA Info
Japanese Info
Tsubasa: Reservoir ChronicleTsubasa Chronicle (ツバァ・クロニクル)Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle
52 TV episodes (2 seasons)52 TV episodes (2 seasons), 3 OVA episodes, 1 movie
May 22, 2007April 9, 2005 - present
FUNimationCLAMP/Bee Train Studio/NHK
Kouichi Mashimo (ηœŸδΈ‹θ€•δΈ€)
Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, RomanceAction, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Romance
Card CaptorsCard Captor Sakura
Fai D. FlouriteFai D. Flourite (フゑむ)
· · ·
High Priest YukitoHigh Priest Yukito (ι›ͺε…Ž)
· · ·
King TouyaKing Tōya
· · ·
· · ·
Mokona ModokiMokona Modoki (γƒ’γ‚³γƒŠγƒ’γƒ‰γ‚­)
· · ·
Princess TomoyoPrincess Tomoyo (ηŸ₯δΈ–)
· · ·
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Characters: Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Fai D. Flourite Fai D. Flourite (フゑむ) Arashi Kishu βŠ• Arashi Kishu βŠ•
High Priest Yukito High Priest Yukito (ι›ͺε…Ž) Chii βŠ• Chii (チィ) βŠ•
King Touya King Tōya Chun Hyang/Chun'yan βŠ• Chun Hyang/Chun'yan βŠ•
Kurogane Kurogane Masayoshi Saitou βŠ• Masayoshi Saitou βŠ•
Mokona Modoki Mokona Modoki (γƒ’γ‚³γƒŠγƒ’γƒ‰γ‚­) Primera βŠ• Primera (γƒ—γƒͺパラ) βŠ•
Princess Tomoyo Princess Tomoyo (ηŸ₯δΈ–) Shougo βŠ• Shougo βŠ•
Sakura Sakura (ァクラ) Sorata Arisugawa βŠ• Sorata Arisugawa βŠ•
Syaoran Syaoran (小狼) Souma βŠ• Souma βŠ•
Yuuko Ichihara Yuuko Ichihara (侑子) Watanuki βŠ• Watanuki βŠ•

Description: Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle

Tsubasa Chronicle is based off the manga by CLAMP with the same title. The majority of the characters are from previous CLAMP series, so Tsubasa is often called a crossover. However, the plot is entirely original. In addition, the seiyuu are different than they are in original anime. For example, Sakura's seiyuu in CCS is Sakura Tange, but in Tsubasa, she is Yui Makino.

Sakura is the princess of a kingdom that she and Syaoran live in. Syaoran and his father came to the kingdom when he was young in order to excavate the ruins on the outskirts of town. Sakura and Syaoran became very close childhood friends. One day, Sakura is drawn to the ruins. Through their mystical power, she grows wings. They disintegrate into many unique feathers, each one a memory of hers. In order to save Sakura's body, mind, and heart, Syaoran must travel to many dimensions/worlds in order to retrieve the feathers.

Yukito, the high priest of the kingdom, sends Syaoran to Yuuko, the dimensional witch. There he also meets Kurogane, who will do anything to go back to his kingdom, and Fye, who will do anything to avoid returning to his original world. In order to do this for them, Yuuko must take each of their most precious items (I won't spoil what they are...it's very interesting, so you have to see it for yourself!). Fye and Kurogane, as well as the little mascot/translator/puffball Mokona, join Syaoran as he seeks out Sakura's feathers of memories.

Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle is recommended to everyone, even those who are not really fans of CLAMP's works. With a great mix of drama, fighting sequences, and touching and philosophical scenes, there's something for you, no matter where your interests lie.

Description: Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle

Syaoran, a young archaeologist, and princess Sakura are long child hood friends.

When Syaoran returns home from his latest expedition, Sakura tries to admit her feelings to Syaoran, but is interrupted. Not having the chance to tell Syaoran that she loves him, Sakura makes a visit to the site of his latest excavation.

A giant symbol has been found on the ground of one of the underground tunnels. Sakura, upon touching the strange symbol, loses all of her heart and memories.

Now Syaoran, "The Chosen One", must venture through different worlds and dimensions in order to retrieve Sakura's memories!

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