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Anime Profile: Tsukihime, Lunar Legend

USA Info
Japanese Info
Tsukihime, Lunar LegendShingetsutan Tsukihime (真月譚 月姫) ("Lunar Legend Tsukihime")Tsukihime, Lunar Legend
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Lunar Legend TsukihimeLunar Legend Tsukihime
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Tsukihime (unofficial title)Tsukihime (unofficial title)
12 TV episodes (on DVD)12 TV episodes
October 12, 20042003
Geneon, Bang Zoom! Ent. (Geneon original licensor), ADV Films (new licensor)Geneon Ent., J.C. Staff
Kinoko Nasu, Type-Moon
Katsushi Sakurabi
Fate/Stay NightFate/Stay Night
Akiha TohnoAkiha Tohno
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Aoko AozakiAoko Aozaki
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Arcueid BrunestudArcueid Brunestud
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Last I checked, this anime was available on DVD at Amazon.

Characters: Tsukihime, Lunar Legend

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Akiha Tohno Akiha Tohno Michael Roa Valdamjong Michael Roa Valdamjong
Aoko Aozaki Aoko Aozaki Nero Chaos Nero Chaos
Arcueid Brunestud Arcueid Brunestud Shiki Tohno Shiki Tohno
Ciel Ciel Yumitsuka Satsuki Yumitsuka Satsuki
Hisui Hisui Arihiko βŠ• Arihiko βŠ•
Kohaku Kohaku

Description: Tsukihime, Lunar Legend

As a child, Shiki Tohno could see strange lines everywhere. These lines, which he could cut, would destroy whatever they intersected. Thankfully, a woman gave him glasses which would prevent him from seeing the lines, thus enabling him to lead a relatively normal life.

Years later, after his father dies, Shiki comes home to live with his sister, Akiha. Soon enough he ends up meeting a woman named Arcueid Brunestud, who turns out to be the immortal princess of a clan of vampires....

Tsukihime, like Fate/Stay Night, is based on a game by Type-Moon (it's actually a game of the... erotic variety, but the series itself is supposed to be clean).

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