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UFO BabyDa! Da! Da! (だぁ!だぁ!だぁ!) ("Daa! Daa! Daa!")UFO Baby
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Daa! Daa! Daa!
78 TV episodes
J.C. Staff
Mika Kawamura
Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, Sci-FiAdventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, Sci-Fi
Aya KonishiAya Konishi
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Baby LuBaby Ruu
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Christine HanakomachiChristine Hanakomachi
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Characters: UFO Baby

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Aya Konishi Aya Konishi Miki Kozuki βŠ• Miki Kozouki βŠ•
Baby Lu Baby Ruu Miss Mizuno βŠ• Miss Mizuno βŠ•
Christine Hanakomachi Christine Hanakomachi Mizuki Yamamura βŠ• Mizuki Yamamura βŠ•
Kanata Saionji Kanata Saionji Mizuno βŠ• Mizuno βŠ•
Mikan Yamamura Mikan Yamamura Momoka Hanakomachi βŠ• Momoka Hanakomachi βŠ•
Miyu Kozuki Miyu Kouzuki Nozumo Hikarigaoka βŠ• Nozumo Hikari βŠ•
Nanami Tenchi Nanami Tenchi Peppo βŠ• Peppo βŠ•
Bow-Meow βŠ• Wannya βŠ• Rui Yaboshi βŠ• Rui Yaboshi βŠ•
Hanakomachi Momoka βŠ• Hanakomachi Momoka βŠ• Santa Kuros βŠ• Santa Kurosu βŠ•
Hitomi Saionji βŠ• Hitomi Saionji βŠ• Seiya Yaboshi βŠ• Seiya Yaboshi βŠ•
Hokoshou Saionji βŠ• Hoshou Saionji βŠ• Yve Kozuki βŠ• Yuu Kozouki βŠ•

Description: UFO Baby

UFO Baby is a story about a baby that was sucked up by a great wormhole together with his babysitter.

They landed at the Saionji temple where Miyu Kozuki and her friend Kanata Saionji (who are also most of the time thought of as lovers, especially by their classmate Christine who likes Kanata very much).

So from there, they treated Lu (baby from space) and Bow-meow (pet babysitter) as a real family member. Lu possess magical powers which only he can control. Bow-meow, being the one responsible for Baby Lu, hopes to return to their planet by waiting for wormholes time by time.

About Miyu and Kanata, well, they do all they can to keep Baby Lu and Bow-meow's secret from their friends and from anyone that goes in their temple.

Miyu's mom and Kanata's mom were best friends! When Christine heard that Kanata and Miyu were staying together in one house, then she got angry. To cool her anger, Kanata and Miyu made up a lie that they were merely cousins.

Description: UFO Baby

Miyu Kozuki is a sweet, simple, and a little confused eighth grader. She lives a simple and a normal life with her parents, until she and her family comes to know that Miki and Yuu, her parents, are hired by NASA and they have to go to USA, leaving Miyu alone. But they don't leave her alone, instead Miki leaves Miyu to her deceased friend, Hitomi's home, Saionji Temple. But even Mr. Hokoshou, Hitomi's husband and a buddhist, had to leave home for his practice. The elders have no choice but have to leave Miyu and Hokoshou's son, Kanata, alone.

Kanata, also an eighth grader, is a sensible, practical, and an extremely handsome boy. They both meet each other and their lives are no longer normal. Both Miyu and Kanata start going to the same school. At first they hate each other, but then they start having feelings for each other.

Adding fun and twist to the series comes two aliens from planet Auto, a very cute and humble baby, Lu, who looks no different than a normal baby and can make things fly, along with his pet-sitter, Bowmoew, half-dog and half-cat. So here starts the main story! A funny series about how Miyu and Kanata hide their alien friends from their families. Though at first they find it hard, but love, belief, and friendship bonds them together as a family.

Description: UFO Baby

UFO Baby is a hilarious anime about two aliens from outer space who arrives in Kanata's house when their spaceship wrecks. The aliens are Baby Lou, the prince of the UFO's, and Bow-Meow, the alien babysitter. Both aliens have supernatural powers. Baby Lou's power is that he can fly, and Bow-Meow can transform into any species he likes.

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