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Gunsmith Cats
December 27, 1997

Added the series profile of The Laughing Target, added a pic for Kaneda and Tetsuo.

December 25, 1997

Added the character profiles of Princess Romel, Nagi, Sailor Mercury, Artemis, Ashura, Bad Bird, Benisato, Queen Beryl, Big Cheese, Big Al, Bulma, Dakuwan, Deedlight, Queen Diva, Emperor Fred, Trunks, Gemma, Geri Atric, Son Goku, Jedite, Sailor Jupiter, Luna, Sailor Venus, Nephlite, Sailor Mars, Rubeus, Sailor Moon, Lucille, Speedy Service, Princess Vi, Rowen, Prince Lotor, Jubei, Kagero, Mushizo, Shijima, Tessai, Utsutsu Mujuro, Yurimaru, Zakuro, The Wiseman, Mink, Kaneda, Kay, Yasha-O, Vegeta, Ken, Haggar, and the series profiles Ninja Scroll & Escaflowne.

November 7, 1997

Added the character profiles of Nova, Derek Wildstar, and Dark Schneider. I've decided to stop reducing the font size whenever I write italicized Japanese words within brackets. It will just make it easier to read.

November 6, 1997

Added the character profiles of Molly, Darien, Peorth (profile removed in 2003), Makoto, Miz, Afura, Shayla-Shayla, Ifurita, Ryo, and Rezo. I also fixed many broken pictures and a few other errors I found throughout the site. Added a few new links to picture galleries, added a new link to a Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs site, a Force Five site, and a Ronin Warriors site.

October 18, 1997

Added the character profiles of Nemesis and Gerald Simpson.

October 10, 1997

Added the character profile of Sailormoon. Gave blood types for Kay, Colonel, and Tetsuo. Linked to the anime stores Usagi's House and Mangraffiti (no longer exists).

October 5, 1997

You can now view all the pictures used throughout this website: Page 1 & Page 2.

October 4, 1997

Added the character profile of Jubei Ninpucho.

September 25, 1997

Added the character profile of Sylia Stingray.

September 20, 1997

Added character profiles of Jimmy Sparks, Ryo-Ohki, Prisma, Rubeus, and Martha.

September 14, 1997

Added the series El Hazard, and character profiles of Ashura, Ayeka, Armitage, and Gigantor.

September 5, 1997

Added character profiles of Ten-chan and Shutaro Mendou from the series Urusei Yatsura.

September 3, 1997

Added the series Magic Knight Ray Earth, as well as a listing of characters (removed August 31, 2003) for the same series. I made a new Ranma 1/2 theme pack for windows 95, which you can download here.

August 30, 1997

The entire site was moved to this new tripod address. Added a start page for the character encyclopedia. Added a profile of Guido Anchovy and added to the profile of Speedy Cerviche.

August 29, 1997

Added profile of movie Akira, as well as several profiles of the characters.

August 28, 1997

Added character profiles of Shara Carter, Cain Carter, Lady Kayura, Kaneda, Malachite, and Zoisite.

August 25, 1997

Added a picture of the Space Mice from Voltron, and made minor updates to the profiles of Keith and Sailor Uranus. Updated both Devil Hunter Yohko Theme Packs.

August 21, 1997

Added a profile of the series Tenchi-Muyo plus joined a Teknoman webring and the New Ring of Anime Rings webring.

August 18, 1997

Added profiles of Sailor Uranus and Polly Ester, and fixed the pic for Sailor Pluto. I made another Devil Hunter Yohko theme, which you can download here. I joined the link exchange, but don't worry, all banners are at the very bottom of the page.

August 13, 1997

Added profiles of Saber Rider, Colt, Fireball, and Jesse Blue.

August 7, 1997

Added a profile of April Eagle & another description of Saber Riders and the Star Sheriffs, a description of Magic Knight Rayearth, and a profile of Sailor Pluto.

August 1, 1997

Added a character profile of Bobby Planet, added the series Devil Hunter Yohko (along with many character profiles) and All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku, as well as the following that I forgot to mention in the earlier updates: Urusei Yatsura, Laputa: Castle in the Sky, and DNA². I also created a Devil Hunter Yohko Webring and added a link to a really nice Kimba the White Lion picture gallery. I made a Devil Hunter Yohko theme pack for Windows 95 and I would like to find some people to test it out for me. If anyone is interested, you can download it here.

July 19, 1997

Renamed the website to "Absolute Anime." Put up some new pics here and there. Added character descriptions for Battle of the Planets/G-Force/Eagle Riders characters, plus Megumi Morisato from Oh My Goddess!. Revised my friends page to include every page that I have taken descriptions from, plus the names of the people who have sent in descriptions. Revised the Add a Character and Add a Series forms. Just about all of the pictures are now at my tripod pages, except for those over 25K which won't upload properly. All pages now have a default white background to make them easier to read when browsing with images off. I probably did some other things to the site that I can't think of right now.

June 19, 1997

Added the new Search section, and added some characters to the Character Encyclopedia. Made a form to add a series. Made a Requests page, consisting of anime series which people have requested info on, but that I have been unable to track down. Currently in the process of changing the default background color to white, for a better look when the auto-load images is turned off. Also currently updating the links at the bottom of each page by removing the magazines/fanclubs link and replacing it with the Popular link. The Magazines and fanclubs have been moved to the Anime: In General page.

June 7, 1997

Generally changed the structure of each page so it is easier to view with all screen resolutions. Updated U.S. Anime section to include summaries for every show, plus added character descriptions for Astro Boy, Robotech, and Voltron, and joined a few webrings for Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z, Astro Boy, and Voltron. Updated the character encyclopedia to include virtually every character mentioned anywhere in this site. Not all have links yet, though. Added a form to add a character to the encyclopedia. More updates next weekend.

May 20, 1997

Added Star Blazers and Ronin Warriors descriptions; fixed the broken Sailor Moon pictures. More to come after Friday, my last day for final exams.

April 4, 1997

Reformatted several anime shows aired in the U.S.

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