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Lune Venus (El Hazard)
Saturday, July 30, 2005

Posted the character profiles of Lil' Slugger, Keiichi Ikari, Mitsuhio Maniwa, and Tsukiko Sagi (from Paranoia Agent).

Friday, July 29, 2005

Applied the latest phpBB update to the forum.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Posted my review of The Jerk- 26th Anniversary Edition, due for release on July 26.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Posted my review of Sliders - The Third Season, my review of Cleopatra 2525 - The Complete Series, and my review of America's Funniest Home Videos Volume 1. Posted the anime profile for Grenadier- The Beautiful Warrior. Posted the character profiles for Cosmo (from Sonic X); El Miles (from E'L); Rin Kamishiro (from Maburaho); Ichigo Kurosaki and Gin Ichimaru (from Bleach); Dartz (from Yu-Gi-Oh!); Rushuna Tendo and Yajiro Kojima (from Grenadier- The Beautiful Warrior).

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Posted the anime profile for Kizuna and a Kizuna Image Gallery.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Posted character profiles for Cher Degre, Darcia, and Hubb Lebowski (from Wolf's Rain).

Rachel, yes, I know Conor Vaughan; he is my best bud, and yes, I would be happy to give him your email address so that he may get back in touch with you after all this time. There's just one teeny-tiny little problem... you didn't give me your e-mail address! I mean, with all my overflowing talent as a normal human being, I can easily see how you might mistakenly think that I was a psychic as well, but I assure you, that is not the case. So if you want my help, you will need to submit another message, one which includes your e-mail address.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Posted character profiles for Mimori Kiryu, Asuka Tachibana, Straight Cougar, and Scheris Adjani (from s-CRY-ed). Added a translation tool on the Configure Preference page.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Sorry for not having any anime updates today. I spent the entire day re-doing the Directory Listing. I ditched the tables, so no more alternating color shades for the rows, but it loads much faster now. The load time was one of the reasons I stopped using it to quickly get where I wanted to go. Also, the directory section now has support for sub-directories, and has some filtering options. The file section now has the ability to either group files by type or list them all together alphabetically, and each file type is color coded.

I recently found an online anime store called Anime2You.com which has some really amazing deals on anime DVDs, at least until August 31. I picked up a few titles, including the complete Robotech saga, which surprisingly has both the English and the Japanese language tracks included... and it was only $69!! Compare that to Amazon.com, where just the first Robotech saga costs $63, and only has the English language track. So basically, you'd have to spend about $145 at Amazon.com to get what I got, but without the optional Japanese language track. And that's just a small part of it. They have some complete series for under $10, like Agent Aika: The Perfect Collection for $6.90! Hey, why does this store seem to have a fixation with the number "69"? Anyway, they have lots more for under $15, and tons more for under $20. The sale only lasts until August 31 though so don't procrastinate. Turn that little bit of cash into something fun!

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Posted an anime profile for the hilarious Animation Runner Kuromi, along with an image gallery. Posted character profiles for Kazuma, Ryuho, Kanami Yuta (from s-CRY-ed).

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Posted my review of Scorpion's Revenge. I also just received and watched a review copy of Animation Runner Kuromi- Collector's Series Edition, which was flat-out excellent, and it will only be $9.99 so you should all definitely pick that one up when it's released on August 23rd. I hope to put up a profile for it soon.

Saturday, July 9, 2005

Posted an anime profile for E'L. Posted character profiles for Nami Yamigumo and Rally Cheyenne (from Silent Mobius); Shin and Sasame (Pretear). Colorized the star graphics I use for my rating system. Oh, and you know those additional information icons I have on my site where you hold your mouse cursor over them and some text pops up? Well, I made my build script place a copy of the text next to the images, but made it hidden, so that the text will show up in a search.

A couple weeks back TokyoPop sent me a couple of manga books, Princess Ai and Bizenghast. I haven't had time to read either yet, but they both seem really cool. They look like soft-cover books rather than comic books, but open them up and inside they're packed full of comic book action, drawn in the anime-style of course. This is definitely the way to read comics, not one issue at a time like I used to do back in high school, where you'd just be getting started in on a comic and then you'd have to wait a whole month for another little piece of the story.

Princess Ai was created by Misaho Kujiradou, Courtney Love, and D.J. Milky, and is printed "manga-style", meaning right-to-left, or the same way books in Japan are printed. Volume Two has 192 pages, and will be released on July 12 for a list price of $9.99. Volume One has already been released. Bizenghast was created by M. Alice LeGrow and is printed in the normal, US style of left-to-right. Volume One has 192, and will be released on August 9 for a list price of $9.99. It appears there will be a total of three volumes.

The Forth of July and my wife's birthday both happened this week. We spent almost the entire July 4th day on the couch switching between playing Lego Star Wars and watching the first three discs of The Slayers. We unlocked everything there was to unlock in Lego Star Wars, so that was even shorter game than I expected. I was thinking it would take a long time to unlock everything, but once you save up enough studs to buy invincibility, the game becomes way too easy. Plus, most of the unlockables are just cosmetic and don't change the gameplay at all. Only the minikit detector and the invincibility are worth buying, so saving up enough studs for those is a cinch. Still, it was fun. I just hope they can make the sequel much longer.

The Lego Star Wars game was an early birthday gift, and the other birthday gifts I got for Treeses were the two Ranma 1/2 movies (to complete our Ranma 1/2 DVD collection), the box set of Trigun (one of her favorite anime series), and a soft, yellow happy face CD case. Oh yeah, and a HUGE steak dinner from Outback Steakhouse which I went to get about half an hour before she got off work, which was perfect since we arrived home at the same time, so it was fresh, hot, and ready to eat.

Saturday, July 1, 2005

Posted my review of Revelations. Changed the font on the website from Arial to Verdana, which is wider and a bit easier to read.

Even though it's not quite my wife's birthday yet, I gave her one of her presents this week: Lego Star Wars for the PlayStation 2. She loves it, and it really is a fun game, though really quite short. Luckily it has a lot of stuff to unlock and a lot of playable characters, which gives it a good replay value. The game only covers the prequel trilogy, so I really hope they make one based on the original Star Wars trilogy.

Last Monday we were going to go see George A. Romero's Land of the Dead, but we didn't make it because of STUPID PEOPLE. Treeses had some meeting for work where she had to listen to stupid people blab on for hours like the idiots they were and so she didn't get out in time. Think I'm exaggerating about how stupid these people were? Think I'm just being hard on them because they caused us to miss the movie? Someone actually suggested that there should be one dispatcher for each bus and van... need I say more?

The week before that Treese had to sit at the RABA booth at the fair in Anderson for a few hours. I tagged along to keep her company. Not many people stopped by the booth... big surprise there. I mean, have you ever been at a fair, just walking around, finding yourself next to a booth about the area's public transportation and thought "hey, public transportation, please, tell me more, because driving a car is just so annoying". Yeah, didn't think so. But at least she got paid for it.

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