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Madlax (from Madlax)
Friday, July 29, 2011

Posted the character profiles of Hans (from Pumpkin Scissors). Posted the anime profile of Master of Martial Hearts.

Wow, another month gone and barely any updates! I really did have every intention of updating the site several times each week, but so much has happened recently that I just haven't had the time I needed. Most of my time has been spent working on a job building an interactive bilingual website for a client overseas, but I also spent close to a week in Vallejo visiting my sister and her boyfriend and helping to clean up my parents' house to get it ready for new carpet. And then when I returned home, my computer hard drive decided it had lived long enough and was time to move on to the great beyond!

It always sucks when a hard drive dies, but thankfully I store all my data on a secondary drive (and then have a backup of that) so I didn't lose any actual data. To get my PC up and running again, I looted the boot drive from a spare computer that I was going to give to my dad, so that upgraded me to Windows 7. I was happy with XP and had no desire to upgrade, but this situation kind of forced my hand. Overall I do tend to like it now, though I had to also loot a gig and a half of RAM from the spare computer to get the PC up to speed, which means now I'll need to get some RAM for that computer.

So that took up a lot of time, reinstalling all my programs, setting up all my preferences, and generally getting my system set back up into a usable state. On the plus side, I did discover a new text editor called RJ TextEd. I previously used UltraEdit, which was a fantastic programmer's editor, but it was an old version as you have to keep paying to get upgrades, so I decided to see if any new freeware alternatives popped up that could match it. I've done this search a few times before, but never came across one that offered all the features of UltraEdit, and this time around I again had a few misses before finding RJ TextEd. It has almost everything that UltraEdit had, minus a few minor things I do miss, but it also has some cool features that UltraEdit doesn't (at least the version I was using).

One of the cool things about UltraEdit which was lacking from RJ TextEd was it's UltraCompare program, that would give a detailed comparison between two files. So I went looking for a good comparison program that I could set up as a tool in RJ TextEd, and after one program that seemed decent but didn't have the ability to merge changes, I found WinMerge, which is supreme! It can compare files and/or directories and allows merging specific changes from either file, among other great features.

I am once again going to try to do more updating this coming month, but I also have a new project of creating an iPhone application, and I have no experience with that so I expect it will chew up a lot of my time. I'm hoping it really is as easy as people make it sound.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Posted the character profile of France (from Hetalia: Axis Powers).

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