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Madlax (from Madlax)
Saturday, September 30, 2017

Posted the character profile of Adele (from Victorian Romance Emma).

Tuesday, September 25, 2017

Posted the article Bitcoin's Anime Ambassador. Finally implemented the mobile version of Absolute Anime which uses CSS (and a little JavaScript) to adjust the look and layout on small screens. It's still not exactly how I would like it to be, but I think it's good enough so that at least you don't have to suffer the headaches of navigating a full-sized website on a small phone screen.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Posted the character profile of Dorothea Moders (from Victorian Romance Emma).

I apologize for the lack of updates this past week. The weather has been pretty nice this past week so I've been out in the back yard working on our gazebo. I first had to clean it top to bottom, then had to do a bunch of touch-up staining, and finally had to apply a sealer. I'm not quite done yet as I still have to do touch-up staining to the very top of the gazebo and then seal that and finish sealing the rest of the floor boards which I didn't get to complete because I ran out of sealer. I also had to replace a sprinkler valve solenoid that was leaking, replace a toilet flapper that seemed to be leaking, tighten a faucet bib that had started leaking pretty significantly, and do some tree and bush trimming. I love this nice weather, I just wish I could enjoy it rather than having to do chores.

The Saturday before last we went to the Medieval fair over in Anderson. The sun was out full force so it was really hot out. There were a ton of little shops/booths set up selling knick-knacks so we looked at some of those but the prices seems really expensive. We headed over to one of the two "stages" where the schedule said some pyro-thing was supposed to happen but after waiting for 15 minutes past the scheduled start time with nothing happening we left and continued browsing the shops. The coolest one was probably the sword and knife shop, but again they were all too expensive to purchase. Then we waited in line for 30-45 minutes to get some giant turkey drumsticks. As we were waiting we had a good view of the other stage and never once saw any performance. So once we got our drumsticks we didn't bother eating them there and instead just left and ate them at home. We've wanted to visit the Medieval fair for a while and I'm glad we did, and now we know that there's really no reason to go back.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Posted the character profile of Ken Kaneki (from Tokyo Ghoul).

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Posted the character profile of Tasha (from Victorian Romance Emma). Updated the site so that file extensions are no longer required in the URLs, which should make the webpage addresses look nicer.

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