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Madlax (from Madlax)
Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Posted the article Review: Arrival (2016).

We went to a couple of Halloween parties this Saturday, with me dressing as Marty McFly and Treese being Doc Brown from the original Back to the Future movie. We went with their 1985 costumes when they were at the mall parking lot first testing the time machine. We put together the costumes mostly from stuff we had around the house and what we could find at Goodwill, and the orange puffer vest I had gotten at Kmart on clearance when they were going out of business. A short brown wig was the only piece we purchased new and while it didn't quite match Marty's hair style it was the best we could do on short notice and didn't look too bad.

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Posted the character profile of Yuri (from Doki Doki Literature Club).

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

I've only done some minor updates so far this month as I've been busy working on other things. And besides, nobody has submitted any new profiles recently. I don't mind writing up ones myself but to do that I actually need time to watch the anime.

Today I started digging a hole for a new tree we got. It was from Redding Electric Utility’s Energy-Saving Tree Program. I chose to plant it in the empty area outside my office as it putting it there will supposedly help provide shade and cool the house off in the summer, once it grows large enough. I found that the area appears to be more rock than dirt so the hole was slow going. I'm hoping to finish that up by tomorrow. Yesterday I cleaned out the gutters and blew a bunch of leaves and junk off the roof.

Before that I was working on fixing up my shed, replacing rotted wood and installing a tension wire to straighten out the door that was getting a little warped. I had to replace one of the roof plywood segments as it was completely rotted away due to there being no drip guard installed. When that was done I put on a new roof. Whoever build this shed originally didn't lay down the black felt paper before putting on their shingles, didn't use any drip guards, and used measly little half inch nails. I had felt paper leftover from the gazebo renovation but I had to buy drip guards and longer nails. I also had some shingles leftover but still had to buy another pack. I put on new shingles up to where the shed goes under the overhang of the house. I didn't see any way to nail in new shingles there with the gutter being in the way giving no room to get a hammer in so I just left the old shingles on from there up.

Before that I fixed up the section of fence that was behind the shed because one post there was completely rotted at the base and one of the 2x4 rails was rotted. I replaced them both with pressure treated wood. That repair job wasn't too bad except that it was right near some bushes which made it a little difficult to work hammering in all the fence planks.

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Posted the character profile of Mana (from Yu-Gi-Oh!).

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