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Anime Profile: Revolutionary Girl Utena

USA Info
Japanese Info
Revolutionary Girl UtenaShoujo Kakumei Utena (ε°‘ε₯³ι©ε‘½γ‚¦γƒ†γƒŠ) ("Revolutionary Girl Utena")Revolutionary Girl Utena
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Revolutionary Girl Utena
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La Fillette Revolutionnaire Utena (French title)
39 TV episodes, 1 movie39 TV episodes, 1 movie
Nozomi, Software SculptorsBe-Papas/Chiso Saito/Shogakukan/Shokaku/TV Tokyo
Kyoko Kobayashi, Shinichi Ikeda
Chiho Saito, Kazuko Tadano
Kunihiko Ituhara
Shoujo, Action, FantasyShoujo, Action, Fantasy
Anthy HimemiyaAnthy Himemiya
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Characters: Revolutionary Girl Utena

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Anthy Himemiya Anthy Himemiya Ruka Tsuchiya Ruka Tsuchiya
Chu chu Chu chu Touga Kiryuu Touga Kiryuu
Juri Arisugawa Juri Arisugawa Utena Tenjou Utena Tenjou
Kyouichi Saionji Kyouichi Saionji Wakaba Shinohara Wakaba Shinohara
Miki Kaoru Miki Kaoru Mitsuru Tsuwabuki βŠ• Mitsuru Tsuwabuki βŠ•
Nanami Kiryuu Nanami Kiryuu Prince Dios βŠ• Prince Dios βŠ•

Description: Revolutionary Girl Utena

Utena Tenjou, a young woman who enters the exclusive Ohtori Academy, is like no woman you've ever seen. Blowing away any expectations you've come to expect, she carries dreams of her unknown past and one great wish: to be a protector.

And she will soon learn that she will become more of a protector than she had ever imagined, beginning with the mysterious Rose Bride, Anthy Himemiya. A drama filled with strange mysteries and lots of shadow, Utena must now stand up against the truth about Ohtori Academy and about her mysterious past: truths that can literally change the world.

Description: Revolutionary Girl Utena

A girl with a rose crested ring who doesn't really know her past finds out that she will become a dualist against the student council members of her school. The "Rose Bride" and her become good friends and her heart breaks when she has to give her up. A mystical prince who also has a shady past helps Utena through her battles against the student council members in the secret arena, he stays in the upside down castle on the ceiling of the arena.

Audio Files: Revolutionary Girl Utena

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