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Anime Profile: Vampire Princess Miyu

USA Info
Japanese Info
Vampire Princess Miyu Kyuketsuki Miyu(吸血姫美夕) Vampire Princess Miyu
26 TV episodes, 4 OVA episodes 26 TV episodes, 4 OVA episodes
AnimEngo(OVA); TokyoPop(TV, original licensor); Maiden Japan(TV, new licensor as of 12/7/2012)  
  Toshihiro Hirano
Drama, Horror, Paranormal Drama, Horror, Paranormal
Chisato Inoue Chisato Inoue
· · ·
Himiko Himiko
· · ·
Hisae Aoki Hisae Aoki
· · ·
Larva Labaa
· · ·
Lemures Lemures
· · ·
Maiko Yanagihara Maiko Yanagihara
· · ·
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Anime Characters: Vampire Princess Miyu

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Chisato Inoue Chisato Inoue Miyu Miyu
Himiko Himiko Ranka Ranka
Hisae Aoki Hisae Aoki Reiha Reiha
Larva Labaa Shiina Shiina
Lemures Lemures Tokiya Inoue Tokiya Inoue
Maiko Yanagihara Maiko Yanagihara Yui-Li Yui-Li
Matsukaze Matsukaze Yukari Kashima Yukari Kashima

Anime Description: Vampire Princess Miyu

Vampire Princess Miyu is a story about a young girl named Miyu. She discovers that her family line is responsible for keeping a demon race called Shinmas locked away in darkness. Unfortunately, during the transition of responsibility from her mother to her, many Shinmas escaped. Now it is up to her and her companion, Larva, to send the Shinmas back from whence they came.

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