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USA Info
Japanese Info
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13 episodes(season 1)13 episodes(season 1)
January 15, 2002Oct 3, 2000–Dec 19, 2000
Geneon/Bang Zoom! Ent.(original licesor), FUNimation(new licensor)GONZO, Media Factory, Bandai Channel, WOWOW
 Takeshi Mori
 Takeshi Mori
Action, Mecha, Sci-Fi, ComedyAction, Mecha, Sci-Fi, Comedy
Vandread: The Second Stage 
Barnette OrangelloBarnette Orangello
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Bart GarsusBart Garsus
· · ·
Buzam A. CalessaBuzam A. Calessa
· · ·
Dita LiebelyDita Liebely
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Duelo McFileDuero Makufairu
· · ·
Hibiki TokaiHibiki Tokai
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Jura Basil EldenJura Basil Elden
· · ·
Meia GisbornMeia Gisborn
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Last I checked, this anime was available on DVD at Amazon and The Right Stuf, and on VHS at Amazon and The Right Stuf.

Characters: Vandread

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Barnette Orangello Barnette Orangello Meia Gisborn Meia Gisborn
Bart Garsus Bart Garsus Parfet Balblair Parfet Balblair
Buzam A. Calessa Buzam A. Calessa Celtic βŠ• Celtic βŠ•
Dita Liebely Dita Liebely Ezra βŠ• Ezra βŠ•
Duelo McFile Duero Makufairu Gascogne βŠ• Gascogne βŠ•
Hibiki Tokai Hibiki Tokai Magno βŠ• Magno βŠ•
Jura Basil Elden Jura Basil Elden Paiway Underberg βŠ• Paiway Underberg βŠ•

Description: Vandread

"Women are Demons!"

So begins the classic opening lines of Vandread, A science-fiction tale that tells of a "literal" battle of the sexes. In this universe, both men and women are separated by planets and are at war with each other. The men live on Planet Tarak, and the women live on Mejale. The war went on for three generations, with both sides/genders ignorant of each other. However, fate and dire circumstances will bring men and women together again.

Vandread focuses on Hibiki, a worker stuck in his position on Tarak. He dreams of one day flying and fighting the enemy, but circumstances finally put him in that position. During an attack, he meets a girl named Dita (who curiously calls him "Mr. Alien"). Hibiki and his friends are soon captured by pirate women. However, a new and mysterious enemy threatens both Tarak and Mejale, forcing the men and women to work together.

Will man and woman, put aside their differences to combat the new threat?

Description: Vandread

Colony ships have left Earth, far in the future. Sometime after, one ship's men and women seperated, and found ways to reproduce without the opposite sex. Not long after this they begin to war with each other.

The cast of characters becomes stranded on a ship when a mysterious device warps the ship into deep space. They begin the long process of learning about each other, while discovering a tragic secret: aliens are harvesting people in other colonies to use for organs.

This is a great and humorous story, and well worth watching.