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Character Profile: Dita Liebely

USA Info
Japanese Info
Dita Liebely Dita Liebely Dita Liebely (Vandread)
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Dita Rieberi(romanization)  
Dita-san Dita-san
Human Human
Female Female
16 years old 16 years old
Maroon red Maroon red
Baby-navy blue Baby-navy blue
4'10" 147 cm
Pilot Pilot
"Mr. Alien!!!" "Uchii-ujiin san!!!"
Julie Maddalena Yumi Kakazu(かかず ゆみ )
Vandread Vandread
· · ·
Vandread: The Second Stage Vandread: The Second Stage

Character Description: Dita Liebely

Dita is a very active person. She was born in Mejale and is a member of the pirate ship Nirvana.

Dita is the first person to meet Hibiki and falls in love with him. Annoyingly enough, Dita is always calling Hibiki "Mr. Alien" (since she never saw a guy before) and won't stop harassing him.

She is very sweet and brave and would do anything for her friends, specially Hibiki. Dita is also very clumsy and romantic and has a weird obsession with aliens. She values life and friendship above anything and simply can't sit still when help is needed.

Most of the time she's a Dread pilot. When she combines with Hibiki, both of them together are Vandread pilots.

Character Description: Dita Liebely

Dita, a girl that is an ADDICT of ALIENS! When Hibiki arrived in their ship, Nirvana, she thought that Hibiki is an alien! So, she calls him "UCHII-UJII san" or "Mr. Alien."

In the second stage of Vandread, Hibiki called Dita by her name. Hibiki is shy enough to call her, her own name. Because he likes Dita-- no-- loves Dita...

When Hibiki and his two friends leave, Dita was sad and tried to run away, but Hibiki called her own name... Hibiki could not leave her behind.

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